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With a drugs distribution case involving tens of thousands of pounds worth of class A drugs, our team of experienced defence lawyers challenged the prosecution’s withholding of evidence, leading to the client being acquitted of all charges.

Case Overview:  

In 2019, a client, Ms. P., was charged and indicted with offences of conspiracy to supply a controlled drug of class A substance, along with class A and class C drugs distribution. The total cost of the drugs involved in this case was valued at tens of thousands of pounds.  

The prosecution claimed that Mrs. P played a leading role in the drugs distribution, and that the conspiracy lasted for over 5 years before arrest warrants were issued. The prosecution rested their case on evidence which was seized during the search, including mobile phones, large quantities of drugs, and drug paraphernalia.  

The Defence Team’s Efforts: 

Faced with serious charges of conspiracy to supply and distribute class A drugs, Mrs. P recruited the services of our seasoned drug offence solicitors. The team fought back on the charges with relentless determination, leveraging years of experience in combatting drug offences and exploring every avenue to uncover the truth, and ensure that the client can obtain a sense of justice. The defence solicitors meticulously scrutinised all the evidence, including unused material that the prosecution felt was not relevant to the case. The team also employed the efforts of a hand-writing expert, to analyse crucial notes that were critical to the client’s defence. Alongside these efforts, the team worked closely with the client, providing sound legal advice and helping create a strong defence statement, so the client would not have the need to present evidence in court if she did not wish to.  

Our defence solicitors went above and beyond, digging deeper and cross-referencing all the evidence that had been presented by the prosecution, including the use of mobile phone data, call logs, and text messages. During the trial, the defence team uncovered the prosecution’s shocking misconduct, discovering that an officer was wilfully withholding evidence from the court. The defence solicitor quickly mounted a defence on abuse of process, successfully arguing that the prosecution was unfairly and unlawfully withholding evidence in order to charge the client with false accusations. Thanks to Stuart Miller criminal solicitors’ tireless efforts and relentless determination to uncover all of the evidence, the jury was discharged and all of the client’s charges were dropped.  

How We Can Help You:  

Being accused of a serious drug charge can be stressful, especially when there seem to be mounds of evidence against you. If you or someone you know has been accused, or charged, of a serious crime like possession with an intent to distribute, please contact us, and we’ll be able to help.   


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