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Our client’s wife called the police and made false allegations against him during a mental health break.

Our client was met at Holborn police station by a director of our firm with a reputation that precedes him, Mohammed Zeb. Further case management was provided to our client by our police station department and its supervisor Mohammed Zeb.

Our client Mr M was arrested following a series of events triggered by his wife’s growing mental health issues.

He was charged with Common Assault under section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 by way of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Our client’s wife claimed that since their marriage in 2003, when his wife was brought to the UK from Pakistan, she had been subject to controlling and coercive behaviour.

She also claimed that the longer she stayed in the UK, as our client and his wife had four children, the more severe his controlling and coercive behaviour supposedly became.

In the instruction our client gave to us at the police station, he explained the history of his and his wife’s relationship. He also detailed the background of his wife’s growing mental health issues, which led her to make false claims against her husband.

Mr M had the opportunity to consult our expert criminal defence solicitor before his police interview.

Our client stated in his instructions that during the first lockdown of 2020, our client’s wife’s mental health took a further turn for the dreadful.

He enlisted the help of the local council’s mental health crisis team at this time. They were witnesses to the aggression and ill-treatment our client suffered at the hands of his wife when she was in a mental health crisis.

Our client was advised to give a “Full Comment” interview at this point of the police station interview, which allowed him to elaborate on his side of the story and show the police that he could demonstrate his innocence by highlighting potential evidence.

As a result of the representation provided to our client at the police station, our client was released on bail and subsequently received a ruling of “No Further Action”.


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