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Our defence solicitors were able to determine that the allegations were completely unfounded. Our client was threatened with false, malicious allegations of kidnapping. After thorough investigations, we were able to have all false kidnapping charges dropped at the police station.

Mr. A was arrested on two counts of kidnapping, as it was alleged that he held two teenage boys, N and R, for ransom for a few hours before eventually letting them go, and allegedly threatening them with violence if the ransom was not paid. Upon his arrest, Mr. A contacted us to help clear his name and declare his innocence.  

Our defence lawyers immediately began a thorough investigation to determine a clear sequence of events. After speaking to our client and multiple witnesses, our defence solicitors were able to ascertain the full story. Initially, Mr. A, received an odd phone call demanding a ransom of £2000. As he did not know the caller and did not have the money, he quickly ended the call. Later, his friend received a call from the same number, and the caller offered him money if he “handed Mr. A over”. Mr. A then got rid of his phone out of fear, and met his friend, Z. In the car, Mr. A and Z met their friends, N and R. The 4 of them conversed in the car, and N and R later left the vehicle. The entire process was consensual, and our client thought nothing of it, until the false accusation.  

At the police station, our defence solicitors gathered evidence, analysed the interview recordings and screened anybody worn footage to meticulously analyse all the evidence for any inconsistencies. Stuart Miller Solicitors’ defence team successfully proved that the allegations were false and malicious, and were meant to damage our client’s reputation. After analysing the evidence, the police were forced to accept their error, and immediately dropped all wrongful kidnapping charges.  

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