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An alleged pimp was cleared of running a prostitution racket - despite being seen caught on CCTV slipping a girl condoms.

Mr X faced incriminating camera footage which also showed him sat in a car just yards from where the sex worker was plying her trade.

The suspect – an alleged high-ranking local gang member – was seeing talking to the prostitute after she had finished with customers.

He was put on trial on charged with conspiring to control prostitution.

With the odds stacked against him after two co-accused gang members had already admitted their guilt, Mr X instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors.

Lawyers from the firm had to win a vital court argument to prevent the jury in Mr X’s trial from being told of the other guilty pleas and his alleged links to the gang.

He was eventually acquitted of controlling prostitution by jurors, despite the CCTV find.

A spokesman said: “The defendant was ultimately acquitted of the conspiracy to control prostitution by the jury.

“This was notwithstanding the fact that there was clear CCTV evidence of him supplying the girl with condoms in order to ply her trade and being situated in a car yards away from where the girl was prostituting herself which she visited after seeing customers.”

Mr X was also accused of a human trafficking conspiracy over the trafficking of a girl.

But a judge ruled he had no case to answer when phone analysis reports commissioned by Stuart Miller Solicitors revealed he was moving in a different direction than alleged by police and prosecutors.


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