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The evidence stacked against our client saw him facing a 10-year sentence but Stuart Miller Solicitors more than halved that projection!

Our client, Mr W, was identified as allegedly running a “drugs line” in North Surrey.

Upon being spotted by the police, Mr W gave chase and discarded a set of keys and mobile phone.

Once apprehended he was charged with possession with intent to supply a controlled drug of Class A, namely cocaine.

Mr W’s phone was forensically searched and showed evidence that Mr W was dealing in kilo amounts of cocaine. Mr W’s property was further searched using the keys recovered at the scene of his arrest and a kilo of cocaine was located in the property.

The evidence against Mr W was overwhelming and he plead guilty at the earliest instance.

Upon instructing Stuart Miller Solicitors, who instructed Barrister Chris Waymont of Furnival Law, Mr W was advised he would be facing a prospective sentence of 8-to-10-years custody in prison as his offence was considered a category 2 offence for having a significant role in the supply of cocaine.

This was due to the fact evidence gathered during the police’s investigation against our client amounted to aggravating factors which increased the “seriousness” of the offence, according to the sentencing guidelines.

This included evidence that Mr W was allegedly identified as instructing others as drivers in the drug line and operations as well as previous convictions he held and the act of exposing others to harm.

To reduce the amount of time Mr W would be sentenced to, Stuart Miller Solicitors made significant mitigations efforts.

These mitigation efforts included collecting witness statements from family members of Mr W. Additionally, Stuart Miller Solicitors assisted Mr W in obtaining and submitting medical records to the court which demonstrated an attack from those above him in the drugs line.

Further, Stuart Miller Solicitors advised Mr W to write a letter to the judge and completing courses in prison to demonstrate to the court his intention to use his sentence to rehabilitate his life.

Through these efforts Stuart Miller Solicitors secured Mr W a 4-year sentence, a great reduction from his projected sentence of 10 years custody.

A spokesperson from the case said:

“This is a significant outcome which our client is over the moon with.”

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