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Our client, Mr. A, was forcefully roped into conducting drug deals, by his best friend’s brother. He was forced to do so to pay off a debt, and was unable to pay it off as he was on benefits at the time. He was arrested with class A drugs and cash in his car, and admitted to being coerced to do so. Our criminal defence solicitors, after conducting a thorough legal investigation, provided objective proof of our client’s claims, forcing the prosecution to drop all false charges.

Mr. A and Mr. H were close friends from when they were young teenagers, and often spent time together. At a young age, the two of them would smoke cannabis recreationally, only consuming minor amounts. After the two turned 18, they drifted apart, until Mr. H’s older brother claimed that Mr. A owed him money for the cannabis smoked over the years, totalling to over £600.  

Mr. A did not have the funds required as he was on benefits at the time, and was forced to run drug deals for Mr. H’s older brother. Mr. A was afraid of going to the police, as he felt he was already implicated. Unfortunately, he was searched by the police during one such deal and class A drugs were found. Upon his arrest, the police searched his home, and found over 100 wrapped bags of class A drugs, and over £3,000 in cash.  

Upon contacting us, our defence lawyers immediately sprang into action to gather evidence that proved our client’s innocence. They repeatedly chased the police and the prosecution for any and all evidence gathered, and conducted interviews with witnesses – including our client’s friends and family members. Our criminal defence solicitors also spoke with Mr. H, and confirmed our client’s account – that he was coerced into doing this, and he had no choice in the matter as Mr. H’s older brother threatened him into doing so, making him a victim of modern slavery 

Armed with the evidence, our defence lawyers argued skilfully, pointing out our client’s dangerous situation and the fact that he was forced into doing so, and did not commit any of these offences wilfully. Faced with the facts, the prosecution had no choice but to immediately drop all the charges, effectively acquitting our client.  

Intent plays a major role in deciding guilt or innocence in the courtroom – which means that if you’ve been coerced into doing so, you’re not guilty, but in fact a victim. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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