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Our client's arrest on suspicion of possessing Cannabis with the intent to supply changed his life course. It was for the better, with the help of Stuart Miller Solicitors' defence lawyers.

Following the police sending a “Cannabis Warning” letter to our client’s residence, police attended our client’s address to follow up with the house’s residents.

None of the residents of the home at this time came to the door, so this prompted the attending officer to look through the letter box of the home.

At this point, the police officer claims he saw our client leaving the home through the back door.

A worker next door then notified the police that a young man was trying to leave the premises through the back garden and adjoining neighbour’s gardens.

A bag was found in the back garden when attending officers followed our client there and a bag was found containing multiple smaller bags of cannabis. £9,360.00 was also located in this bag.

Our client was subsequently arrested.

Our client was charged with possession of Cannabis with the intent to supply and possession of criminal property, namely cash leading to charges of money laundering.

In accordance with the government’s sentencing guidelines for the offence of possession with intent to supply, our client was facing a maximum custodial sentence of 14 years and an unlimited fine.

As soon as our client was approached, he admitted to possessing the bag containing Class B drugs and cash.

To sustain his habit, our client began selling drugs, namely marijuana.

Our client developed a strong addiction because of his habit being at an all-time high because of losing his best friend to suicide.

Our firm’s team gathered multiple heartfelt character references for our client so he could prove to the court that he had mitigating circumstances that would reduce his sentence.

These character references included a statement by an employment specialist at our client’s local Drugs Project that illustrated the grand strides our client had made in turning his life around and stopping offending.

Our experienced and skilful criminal defence solicitor instructed counsel on the behalf of our client at Portsmouth Crown Court in preparation for our client’s court date.

Thanks to the expert evidence management conducted by Stuart Miller Solicitors’ expert serious crime defence solicitor our client received a suspended sentence of a 12-month custodial sentence.

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