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Mr. A was accused of blackmail and using threatening language by his friends, after his friend’s mother shared photos of Mr. A’s chat with her social worker, who shared them with the police.

Mr. A was accused of a blackmail offence and threats of violence,, after allegedly sending messages via Snapchat. The accusation was made not by the victims, but by a third party – the victims’ mother’s social worker, who ultimately shared the messages with the police.  

When he reached out to us, our defence lawyers sprang into action. They launched a meticulous investigation, leaving no stone unturned. They carefully analysed all evidence submitted by the prosecution and the police, looking for any discrepancies or flaws. They also thoroughly reviewed interview recordings and body-worn footage to ensure that all legal procedures were followed and that the arrest was made in accordance with the law. With the allegations having been made by a third party, our defence lawyers were extra diligent in verifying their validity and checking for any biases or inconsistencies from the uninvolved third party. 

Before the trial, Stuart Miller Solicitor’s defence lawyers discovered that the prosecution would be bringing up prior convictions during the trial. Immediately, our defence solicitors recognised the unfairness of the claim – by bringing up prior convictions, the jury would be biased in their judgement, especially because these convictions were cleared, and irrelevant to blackmailing charges. Thanks to our defence solicitors’ skilled legal strategies and argumentative prowess, they convinced the judge of the prosecution’s blatant bias before the trial, and the prosecution was forced to drop all blackmailing charges, effectively exonerating our client. 

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