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Our client, Mr. M, was accused of murder and attempted murder of 3 people, during a shootout. Unfortunately, our client was roped in against his will, as he had no idea that the others were planning this offence, and he was told to merely drop off a car. Thanks to an impeccable, determined, inexhaustible legal team, our client was fully acquitted after a lengthy 3-month trial.

In September 2021, Mr. S and 2 bystanders were attacked during a shootout, resulting in Mr. S’s death, and the other 2 victims being severely injured. The attack was planned and deliberate, with at least 5 men involved in the conspiracy of murder, excluding Mr. B, who was simply asked to drop off the car that was used during the shootout.  

Upon his arrest for murder and attempted murder, Mr. B argued that he had no idea that this would happen, and he was afraid of reporting it to the police as the group contacted him for a smaller offence of car theft – though he agreed to this, he in no way knew about the murder that was planned.  

After contacting us, our murder lawyers immediately sprang to action to reach the truth of the matter. They worked closely with the client and his friends and family members, and gathered witness statements to prove his whereabouts before the offence was committed. Our defence lawyers also worked closely with a psychiatrist – to assess our client’s mental state and trauma from the offence. The psychiatrist reported that our client would need an interpreter, to provide aid during the trial. Furthermore, Stuart Miller’s murder lawyers meticulously analysed all the evidence submitted by the police and prosecution – including mobile phone logs – to determine our client’s culpability of an attempted murder.  

During the lengthy, 3-month trial (due to courtroom delays), it was revealed that our client was innocent of murder and attempted murder offences – mobile phone records and witness statements show that he was contacted to ‘steal a car’, and that he would be paid when the car was sold. When he arrived to the lot, it turned out that the others intended to use him as their getaway driver, and forced him to drive up to the scene of the crime and then drive away. Thanks to our empathetic and thorough legal defence, the jury realised that our client was forced into this under duress, and immediately acquitted him of all charges.  

Being unable to say no in a specific situation does not make you guilty, if an offence occurs. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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