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If you are accused of Making Indecent Images, our specialist team of Criminal Solicitors can provide you with in-depth advice in a clear and concise manner. Our extensive understanding of the Protection of Children Act puts us head and shoulders above the rest when representing those who are accused of offences within the realm of this complex area of law. Our Criminal Solicitors will apply their knowledge, skill and expertise in finding the best strategy and solutions to defend your case. We work alongside our Cybercrime Lawyers to challenge technological issues and contest the prosecutions allegations.

Our Criminal Solicitors understand that accusations of accused of Making Indecent Images will cause you a huge amount of confusion and anxiety. With so much negative press surrounding Sexual Offences it is understandable you will fear stressed, worried and afraid to seek help. We are confined to the strict rules of the Solicitors regulation Authority which offers you the protection of confidentiality. We have committed our lives to the defence of those prosecuted by the State and we promise never to pass judgment. All our Criminal Solicitors are professionals and absolutely dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients. 

The offence

Many of our clients will tell us 'but I didn’t make any images' with an obvious level of confusion. In the majority of cases, Making an Indecent Image does NOT mean you have taken the photograph yourself or recorded the video yourself. In such cases the charge would more commonly be Production of Indecent Images. The offence of Making Indecent Images was predominantly created to cover the act of downloading an Indecent Image, i.e. reproducing it. 

The offence of making an Indecent Image includes but is not limited to;

  • Downloading an Indecent Image on to a device such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Accessing a website where Indecent Images appear as 'pop-ups'
  • Opening an email attachment which contains an Indecent Image

Despite the requirement for the prosecution to prove a deliberate and intentional act, due to the wide interpretation of the word 'making', many individuals with no knowledge the existence of the Indecent Image are arrested and subjected to a lengthy investigation before their lack of knowledge becomes apparent. Even Indecent Images that are 'cache'd' within a device's memory or remain in unallocated space following deletion can cause individuals to fall foul of the law.

Dark image of person using mobile phone

Defending allegations of Making Indecent Images

Our specialist Criminal Solicitors routinely defend Making Indecent Images allegations and have access to the industry’s leading forensic experts who can be called to give evidence to support of your case. They will analyse the relevant devices to confirm when Indecent Images were downloaded, how many times they have been viewed (if at all) and where exactly on the device they were located. They will be able to trace the website which they have come from, which is essential in cases where “pop-up” images are the issue. If you believe someone else has used your device, the experts are able to check which websites were running simultaneously at the time of the download to see if the user can be identified.

Our Indecent Images specialist Criminal Solicitors provide representation throughout police interviews and at all stages of the Court process. As with any offence, the earlier our team are involved in the process the higher the likelihood of success.

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