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Kiran Johal

Duty Solicitor

Kiran Johal

Duty Solicitor

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With experience spanning more than 10 years, Kiran has developed a specialism defending serious Criminal Offences including allegations of Conspiracy, Robberies, Firearms Offences, Drugs Offences, Sexual Offences and particularly defending Extradition requests.

Kiran is an Accredited Police Station Adviser and takes pride in being at the forefront of providing Criminal Defence services. She is able to identify inconsistencies in police investigations and has the ability to advance a defence even in the most challenging evidential circumstances, leading to acquittals. 

At Stuart Miller Solicitors, Kiran has demonstrated an exemplary attitude towards learning and developing. She started her career as a voluntary work placement candidate in 2008. She has worked her way through to a position as a Caseworker, became accredited as a Police Station Adviser, then won a Training Contract, qualified as a Solicitor, completed the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme to qualify as a Duty Solicitor and then progressed to Supervisor status in 2016. Kiran's hard work, determination and focus are second to none and qualities for which she is respected and desired by her clients.

Kiran has the honour of working with leading barristers and QCs as well as regularly instructing renowned experts in all specialist fields. Kiran uses a robust approach when analysing evidence and advising her clients. Kiran is able to use her initiative and problem solving skills effectively when preparing cases for trial and when she is representing clients at Court. Kiran regularly represents clients at the Magistrates Court.

Notable cases:

N v Bulgaria
Kiran was instructed to represent a client in respect of Extradition proceedings after the Bulgarian authorities requested his Extradition. N was convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in Germany for a €300,000 Fraud.  Meanwhile, in his absence, the Bulgarian authorities convicted him of the same conduct, plus one other offence involving similar facts and a different victim and sentenced him to five years imprisonment for the first offence and no separate penalty for the second.

The Divisional Court held that double-jeopardy barred extradition in respect of the first offence, but also on the second since, if extradited he would face a prison sentence for which no penalty had originally been imposed.

R v J
Kiran represented a client accused of Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent. The allegation was that the client had attacked an unknown male outside a popular night club in Central London following a dispute. The complainant suffered a blow to the head and remained in a coma for a substantial time. After an intense trial, the client was acquitted of the charges.

R v R
Kiran represented a client accused of committing multiple Armed Robberies. It was alleged that the client with others conspired to commit Robberies at known gaming venues in the North and East London area. The client was a juvenile at the time of committing the offences. The client avoided a custodial sentence and was sentenced to a Youth Rehabilitation Order. 

Romania v D
Kiran was instructed to represent a Romanian national where a European Arrest Warrant was issued for her Extradition to Romania. She was convicted of serious Drugs Offences with her ex-husband. Her right to family life under Article 8 was used to challenge the Extradition request. 

R v D
Kiran represented a client accused of offences involving prostitution. The allegation was that the client was managing various brothels in the London area and grooming females for prostitution. The client was successfully acquitted of one charge and offered no further evidence in respect of other charges. 

R v C and others
Kiran recently represented a group of males from the North London area accused of various offences including Robbery and Firearms matters. It was alleged that the group of males had robbed the complainant and threatened him with a shot gun. The clients were successfully acquitted after trial.