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Stuart Miller Solicitors have a specialist team of Indecent Images Solicitors who specialise in defending those accused of Distributing Indecent Images. We are flawlessly trained to understand the most complex of cases which predominately centre around the use of technology. We have represented countless individuals who have been accused of Distributing Indecent Images and are renowned for our tireless effort and dedication. 

If you have been accused of Distributing Indecent Images instructing our expert Indecent Images Solicitors should be a priority. The advice you receive prior to being interviewed by the police can have a far-reaching impact on any subsequent trial. Our Indecent Images Solicitors are on hand to guide you through what can be a painstaking process for yourself and those close to you. Once instructed by you we will put pressure on the investigators to ensure they fulfil their duties of investigating expeditiously. The earlier in the process we are instructed the more effective our representation will be. 

What we will do

Our case predation is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the law. Our extensive experience in defending people accused of Distributing Indecent Images empowers us with the ability to be one step ahead of the police and prosecuting authorities. 

We will work together with you and the industry’s leading forensic experts to challenge the prosecution’s case and to present your defence at its best. The forensic experts we instruct have extensive knowledge of peer-to-peer file sharing networks which frequently feature in cases of this nature. They have the ability to carefully analyse seized devices and assess the images in question to ensure they have been placed in to the correct categories by the police. 

The Indecent Images in question will be categorised in to an A, B or C image – depending on the nature of the image or video. In order to prove the offence of Distributing Indecent Images the prosecution must demonstrate you had custody and control of an Indecent Image or video. They must then prove this image or video has parted your possession or you have offered it, shown it to another, or exposed it to another for their possession. There are statutory defences available to this allegation, one of which is if you had not seen the photograph or video and had no cause to suspect them to be indecent. 

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Each case involving the distribution of indecent images is different and can carry a term of imprisonment for up to 10 years. It is therefore essential you seek legal advice very early in the case and allow specialist Indecent Images Solicitors to tailor a defence strategy to your specific circumstances.

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