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Conspiracy to Defraud - 2 x Mobile Phone Fraud Acquittals

The Fraud Solicitors at this firm successfully defended two men accused of being part of a large international Conspiracy to Defraud, to Handle Stolen phones and laptops from the UK, with a view to trading them abroad. The case involved hundreds of stolen mobile phones with a total value of over £200,000.

The allegations

It was alleged that our clients, who were unknown to each other, were part of a group of people who were all working with one key individual. In doing so they were assisting him in obtaining hundreds of phones to re-package using counterfeit boxes and send them to countries like Algeria. Most of the phones alleged to have been stolen and targeted were Apple iPhones.

Our clients’ positions were that they knew nothing about what this individual was doing, if anything. They were both separately involved in the used-mobile-phone-market and had simply come into contact with the individual on a bona fide basis. They had not handled any stolen phones and had no knowledge of what this man and or others were up to. They denied any association with any sort of Mobile Phone Fraud.

Following thorough and meticulous preparation which included going through a large volume of prosecution evidence which was both disorganised and served haphazardly, our Fraud Solicitors were able to discredit the prosecution case and expose huge holes in their evidence.

Four Mobile Phones

The defence strategy

Owing to very clever and tactical preparation, our Fraud Solicitors persuaded the prosecution to make important ‘admissions' in the trial which effectively rendered their case hopeless. Once these admissions were agreed there was no way for the prosecution to go back. 

Successful submissions of no case to answer for both our clients were put forward and accepted by the Judge. Our clients were acquitted of Conspiracy to Defraud following a four week trial at Blackfriars Crown Court.

This and other similar cases highlight the importance of having experienced and specialist Fraud Solicitors going through the prosecution evidence with a fine tooth comb and the importance of being prepared ahead of your opponent.

In the event that these weaknesses in the prosecution case were not challenged, our clients may have been convicted and then faced Confiscation Proceedings in addition to a lengthy sentence of imprisonment. These days, since the police and prosecution are motivated to prosecute persons with money and businesses to go after their assets, it is the Confiscation Proceedings which cause more damage than the main case itself.

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