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Our Criminal Solicitors have over three decades of experience in defending Conspiracy Charges involving some of the most complex and serious prosecutions ever to have taken place in the UK. Regardless of the substantive offence, Conspiracy Charges are governed by the Criminal Law Act 1977 and demand the minds of the very best Criminal Lawyers and Criminal Barristers.

As explained in our article about Conspiracies, the subject matter is highly complex and requires specialist Criminal Solicitors deciding on what the defence should entail. The key focus must always remain on the prosecution’s evidence. To understand what approach the prosecution are taking and to devise a strategy which leaves the defence case stronger, more believable and more persuasive than the other side.

How we defend Conspiracy Charges

You should expect your Criminal Solicitors to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, to pick out missing evidence after cross-analysing the material, to challenge inadmissible evidence and to contest illegally obtained evidence.  

Your defence team must work with you to understand the facts of every key event, as if the Criminal Solicitor was present at the event himself. Inevitably, the prosecution will have seized mobile phones and other computer equipment. The police may even serve material obtained by covert surveillances. They will analyse digital media using forensic experts and they will produce cell site evidence and copies of digital evidence to prove your whereabouts on key dates and times, your acquaintance with others in the case, your relationships, the frequency of your general contact and then, the frequency of your contact on key dates or in key locations.

Our Criminal Solicitors who regularly defend Conspiracy Charges will be pro-actively looking for evidence or ways to rebut the prosecution’s assertions. For example, the prosecution may suggest your contact with a named individual was for the purposes of furthering the Conspiracy; your defence team will analyse your previous historical contact with the same person and try to show the normality of the contact and meeting.

Vision through tunnel of two meet conspiring

Thus it is crucial for Criminal Solicitors to engage the very best forensic, telephony and computer experts. Experts who can be trusted to take the controversial stance and provide evidence to help your defence. We will gather as much evidence as possible by undertaking our own investigations and we will speak to all witnesses who stand a chance of providing useful testimony to the Court.

More importantly however, from the early stages of the case, we will begin to analyse the likely defence of others accused of being in the Conspiracy to protect you from what they say and what evidence they bring.

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Our firm’s recognition in Conspiracy Charges is based on its speedy response to client’s needs. Whether you need advice at the police station or post charge advice and representation at the Magistrates’ Court, we have the expertise to help you in all aspects of Criminal Defence. Apart from our specialism in law and procedure, our Criminal Solicitors have a reputation to advise on strategies best suited in the circumstances of the case. We rightly have the reputation of leaving no stone unturned in the way it deals with their client’s defence.

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