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Defending Sexual Offences since being established more than 30 years ago, our Sexual Offences Solicitors are seasoned experts in this sensitive field, requiring seriously talented lawyering. We will stand by your side throughout the case and advise you at every juncture. If you are looking for energetic and pro-active Sexual Offences Solicitors with real expertise, please Contact Us.

What is Child Grooming ?

Child Grooming occurs when an adult, communicates with a child under 16 years and then meets or travels with the intention to meet the child to engage in Sexual Activity. The communication needn’t be sexual in nature and the Courts will consider all the factors of the case including the length of communication, the use of pseudo names, the age difference between the parties, the level of planning and sophistication, the number of people involved, the use of drugs or alcohol and the impact of any physical or mental injury to the child.

Child Grooming Offences have attracted substantial negative press coverage. Those accused, though innocent by law, are humiliated beyond repair in national newspapers. The impact of such allegations is catastrophic, requiring exceptional damage limitation planning.

Those being investigated and prosecuted will fear the wrath of the media and always be concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Whilst the Rule of Law and the Human Rights Act follow the principle of everyone being ‘innocent until proven guilty’, those accused of Child Grooming Offences will inevitably feel they are being assumed to be guilty until they prove their own innocence.

Lack of sleep, constant anxiety, sweeping depression and uncontrollable mood swings are but some of the physical symptoms you may suffer whilst battling the Charges. The impact on your well-being, your loved ones and any business you may be operating is immeasurable.

How we defend Child Grooming allegations

Child Grooming Offences of this nature are prosecuted by specialist teams with endless resources. Every detail will have been thoroughly analysed and preserved to be used as evidence against you. It is therefore of greater importance to be defended by those who not only possess the expertise and the knowledge, but also have the tenacity to protect you.

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Our Sexual Offences Solicitors have successfully defended high-profile Child Grooming Cases. We understand the defences available to you and are able to work with you and your circumstances to extract and present the information needed for success. We will methodically analyse the prosecution case, contest the admissibility of illegally obtained evidence, draw out crucial evidence which the prosecutors may not be disclosing and we will challenge the credibility of those witnesses you tell us are lying.

We will work with renowned and award winning Barristers who will stand with us side by side throughout your case. We have excellent relationships with forensic experts and digital communication analysts who can be called upon to give evidence in your favour. We appreciate that the smallest detail in the prosecution’s evidence or in your defence material could make the difference to the result of the case. We are committed to making an early start, to exploring all avenues, to securing all potential evidence and to offering you the best solutions.

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