Majad J Habib

Director / Fraud & Cybercrime Solicitor

Majad J Habib

A firm believer in the doctrine 'innocent until proven guilty', Majad has devoted himself to exclusive practice in Fraud, Cybercrime & Serious Crime for more than 10 years. Together with his Fraud & Cybercrime team, Majad has provided phenomenal defence representation to some of the most high profile and complex cases of recent times.

Entrusted not to leave any stone unturned, he is committed to providing an exceptional service at all times. Majad is renowned for unravelling difficult forensic issues, analysing financial data, mastering complex telephone evidence and being able to manage huge volumes of evidence.

With knowledge of the law, natural problem-solving skills and unparalleled enthusiasm on his side; Majad maintains a powerful presence for his clients. He is a strong believer in early-intervention and always tries to create defence strategies from the very beginning of the case; as early as the arrest stage. 

Majad is a pro-active and 'think-outside-the-box' type of Solicitor. He is proud of his aggressive approach to litigation and is always in desperate search for the 'missing-link' which could be the reason he wins his case. Majad enjoys grappling complex legal issues and is always prepared to commit his resources to succeed in applications he makes.

He is not only equipped with expertise spanning the vast spectrum of Fraud & Cybercrime (computer related) offences, he is also fluent with associated issues which may arise in his area of expertise. He regularly trains his staff on Cash Seizure, Restraint Orders, Freezing Orders, Money Laundering, Confiscation Proceedings, Civil Asset Recovery & Director Disqualifications.

Majad understands the fine overlap between Fraud and the use of technology. With amplified governmental focus on Cybercrime due to the risks to data, online banking and consumer confidence with online platforms; Majad has carved out a niche practice defending those accused of Hacking and the use of technology to commit sophisticated Frauds.

Majad studied commercial electives during his Legal Practice Course at the highly-regarded Nottingham Law School. His ability to advise on the impact to reputations, businesses, Directors of companies, their families and finances; attracts significant businessmen and companies seeking his services. 

He takes a comprehensive approach to defence litigation and has built an incredible reputation for representing his clients courageously. Majad drives the culture of this firm and is the cause of it's continued success, which demonstrates his exceptional abilities.


Majad was selected as an upcoming 'Rising Star' by Super Lawyers in 2013 and 'Upcoming London Rising Star in 2014'.

Furthermore, Majad was nominated for the 'Professional of the Year Award' by the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe in 2013 and again in 2014.

Notable Cases:

Majad has defended some of the most serious, complex and voluminous cases of recent years and a snap-shot of those are listed below:-

R v M
Majad and his team of Fraud Solicitors secured an acquittal in a major ‘Cash for Crash’ Insurance Fraud case at the Harrow Crown Court. 

His client was accused of staging numerous road traffic accidents across London and subsequently submitting fraudulent insurance claims for damage to vehicles and personal injury. 

The jury considered their verdicts for over thirty hours and Majad’s client was only one of two defendants, of 24, to be acquitted.  

R v H
Majad was instructed to represent one of four defendants who worked in the legal profession and were allegedly involved in a multi-million pound Conspiracy to Defraud mortgage companies.  

It was alleged by the prosecution that numerous mortgage applications had been made and upon receipt the monies were transferred abroad or to third parties. 

The allegation against our client specifically centred around an application for a bridging loan, for a property that was not even for sale. Majad's client was formally acquitted during the Crown Court trial. 

R v K&K
Majad represented several individuals alleged to be involved in an international Advance-Fee Fraud which crossed several jurisdictions including France, Switzerland, Belgium and South Africa.

The sophistication of the Fraud was such that several sucessful businessmen in the UK handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds in the hope that that their investment would return a share in a £126 million estate.

Following years of investigation by the police and counter defence preparations and submissions by the defence, the investigation was discontinued.

R v Y
Majad defended a client alleged to be the 'technician' in a Fraud by False Representations case involving £1.7 million worth of Cisco computer equipment.

His client was suspected of being at the centre of the entire operation, which crossed multi-jurisdictions and involved several defendants. Majad's client was a Director of the company and also the 'fixer' and 'renovator' of stolen hardware.

After a 10 week trial, Majad's client was acquitted and some others in the alleged Conspiracy were sentenced to terms of up to 6 years imprisonment.

R v R
Majad was instructed by a man, charged with 3 others for Mortgage Fraud and Money Laundering offences with a value of more than £10 million.

It was alleged that a Solicitor was concerned with another person to launder substantial amounts of money through the client account of his firm.

This was a sophisticated Mortgage Fraud which led to a triumphant acquittal after trial.

R v R
Majad defended a 37 year old builder accused of being part of a large Conspiracy to Defraud an elderly and vulnerable man out of £775,000. This case was otherwise known as Operation Pepperpot. 

It was alleged that Majad's client was a part of a group of men that approached the victim and convinced him to employ them to complete unnecessary work at his home address. The victim became so convinced by the Fraud that he re-mortgaged his home and spent his life savings on the building work. Majad's client's case was always that he is a self employed builder / handy man who had been hired as a sub-contractor to do a few days work. He had no knowledge of what his employers were up to. 

Majad's client was the only person acquitted out of 13 people, following a 3 week trial at St Albans Crown Court.

R v R
Majad defended a man alleged to be involved in one of the largest ever Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) prosecutions. The case involved fifteen defendants and a Fraud totalling over £900,000.  

Majad's client was deaf and mute but accused of being part of a Conspiracy to Defraud the DWP by submitting forged invoices to the Access to Work scheme.  

Majad's client was the only defendant who was acquitted following a three month trial at the Southwark Crown Court.

R v G
Majad was retained by a client who was arrested for Bribery and Corruption. Majad's client worked for a large private company who undertook government projects and held responsibility for tendering out some projects via a bidding process. He was alleged to have received cash in exchange for ensuring that a specific company was offered the contract in preference to any other company who placed bids.

Following months of investigations, fighting against specialist and robust advice from Majad, the investigation against his client was discontinued.

R v D-C
Majad was instructed to represent a client who was accused of stealing identification from his colleagues at a large investment company in the UK. He was said to have used the same details to create false bank accounts and companies in Belize.

The allegations indicated that Majad's client submitted false invoices for £4 million to the clients of the UK based investment company, of which a significant amount was released to his bogus accounts.

With strategical planning and pro-active legal advice from Majad, his client's position was protected and the police were unable to continue with the investigation.

R v E
Majad was instructed to represent the Director of a marketing company who was one of numerous people arrested for a multi-million pound Conspiracy to Defraud in a Land Banking Fraud case.

It was alleged that his client had used his marketing company as a vehicle to cold-call potential land investors. It was suggested that large investments had been made based on False Representations about the value or potential value of the land.

Early and carefully considered action from Majad led to the investigation against his client being discontinued.

R v A
Majad represented one of five defendants alleged to be part of a large organised crime unit, responsible for transferring millions of pounds of illegal monies.

Across a period of only 40 days, the prosecution alleged that his client transferred more than £7 million to Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Dubai, China and Hong Kong. The case alleged against Majad's client was that he operated his Money Transfer Business in such a way as to disguise, through legitimate trading, the fact that behind the scenes he was engaged in Money Laundering on a substantial scale. Money would be couriered from the North of England in taxis. The co-defendant would arrange delivery to our client either to his business premises or to his home address. From there the money was banked using falsely generated transaction numbers to conceal the payments and then remitted to third party beneficiaries.

R v A
Majad was instructed to represent a Solicitor who was alleged to have been the head of a global operation to arrange and execute Sham Marriages in order to circumvent UK's immigration rules. The case arose from an investigation by the BBC's Panorama programme. The investigation crossed hundreds of thousands of documents and eventually led to his client being acquitted of 4 out of 7 charges.

R v K
Majad was instructed to represent two Directors of an investment company, alleged to have obtained and laundered over £4 million by making False Representations to foreign companies. The case, which was investigated by the Economic and Specialist Crime Unit of New Scotland Yard, involved major Arab companies involved in the purchase, processing and resale of crude oil. The investigation had been on going for five years and crossed multiple jurisdictions including Cyprus, Hong Kong, South Africa, Switzerland and Iran.

R v A & A
Majad acted for two Directors of a Money Transfer business facing allegations of Money Laundering. His clients were alleged to have transferred £65 million overseas using the Hawala Banking methods. 

R v O
Majad was instructed by Mr O, who had been charged with 11 counts of Fraud, Theft and Money Laundering. The prosecution alleged that Mr O conspired with others to defraud a large blueprint company. They also believed Mr O had made False Representations to creditors which caused false cheques to be paid. The total estimated Fraud valued at £2.2 million.  

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