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Being accused of Sexual Assault is extremely distressing. Whilst the Rule of Law and the Human Rights Act follow the principle of everyone being ‘innocent until proven guilty’, those accused of Sexual Assault will inevitably feel they are being assumed to be guilty until they prove their own innocence.

Impact of Sexual Assault allegations

Sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and  stress are but some of the physical symptoms you may suffer whilst battling the Charges. The impact on your well-being, your loved ones and any business you may be operating is immeasurable.

You will no doubt be battling the ‘what if’ syndrome and running your mind through countless possibilities and hypothesis. It is therefore fundamentally important that you engage specialist Sexual Offences Solicitors from the very outset.

How we can help you

Our Sexual Offences Solicitors will make it their job to act discreetly and sensitively to your needs. We are aware as to how this may be affecting you and want to help and support you in the right way. Rather than second guess the issues, our Lawyers will advise you accurately and effectively so you can ease your mind and build confidence in your defence case.

For the prosecution to prove Sexual Assault, they must show:

  • You intentionally touched another person
  • The touching was both inappropriate and sexual
  • The other person involved did not give consent to such a sexual act; and
  • You do not fully believe that the other person consented to such an act

It is not for you to prove your innocence but for the prosecution to prove your guilt. Nevertheless, our Sexual Offences Solicitors are not in the habit of sitting around and letting the prosecution strengthen their case.

We will work with you to understand your account of events and then decide how best to present your side of the story. In doing this, we will analyse the prosecution’s case in detail, we will contest the admissibility of evidence and fight rigorously to ensure all disclosure has been provided, especially materially which may assist the defence case.

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Most importantly in allegations of Sexual Assault, the issue of consent must be analysed with a fine-tooth comb and since there are unlikely to be third party witnesses, our Sexual Offences Solicitors will build a picture matching your version of events. To do this, we will explore and collect any indirect and circumstantial evidence which supports your case and falls in line with the defence strategy. If we can gather material which proves the complainant to be a prolific liar for example, these are the sorts of investigations we will make.

We will engage brilliant and specialist Sexual Offences Barristers who will stand with us side by side throughout your case. If there is any reason to explore mobile phone evidence or computer evidence, we will engage specialists who do just that and then invite them to present their findings to the Court.

What to do next 

If you have been accused of Sexual Assault, it is of paramount importance that you seek help immediately. The sooner you engage your legal team, the better your chances of success. Our team are here to listen to your side of the case, to talk you through the process, and to put together a defence that will be in your best interests.

Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Sexual Offences Solicitors to arrange a meeting in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.