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A music teacher was spared jail after being caught with indecent images of children.

Mr C was charged with child pornography offences after 422 illegal images were discovered on a laptop.

He confessed to the crime and instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors to help secure the best outcome.

Experienced sex offence lawyer Kate Blackford, from the firm’s specialist criminal defence unit, was enlisted to help him avoid an immediate prison term.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “Kate has vast experience dealing with sexual offence cases and in particular cases of this kind.

“She represented the client at the police station, where she provided him with advice and assistance throughout his stay.

“Mr C was released on bail and Kate made sure she kept in contact with the client, updating him of every development.

“Kate also supported the client through an extremely stressful and alienating time.

“Following a second interview, Mr C was charged with making indecent images of a child. Mr C pleaded guilty to the offences against him at the earliest opportunity and wished to avoid a custodial sentence.”

Ms Blackford selected a barrister she thought best for the case – taking into account its seriousness.

She also took detailed mitigation from Mr C to present to the judge to consider when passing sentence.

Her endeavours, along with a pre-sentence report ordered by the court, saw Mr C spared immediate custody.

He was instead headed a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months.


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