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Our client, Mr. W was accused of sending malicious communications by his ex-partner. Our solicitors were able to prove that the message was taken entirely out of context, that the complainant had threatened to ruin his life by filing these allegations, and that he had no intent to cause harm or anxiety to the complainant. Faced with the facts, the prosecution was forced to offer no evidence and drop the case, freeing our client.

Mr. W was in a previous relationship with Ms. D, before the two broke it off, though they did remain cordial with each other. The allegations begin when Ms. D accuses Mr. W of having a sexual relationship with her daughter, which Mr. W vehemently denied. After, Mr. W accidentally records a voice note on WhatsApp while he is in a conversation with someone else, and a part of that conversation is recorded and sent to Ms. D. Interpreting this voice note as a threatening message, Ms. D calls the police – resulting in Mr. W’s arrest on charges of sending malicious communications to another.  

Afraid of what the consequences of his arrest could be, he immediately called us to represent him. Our criminal defence lawyers sprang into action, to clear the air and uncover the truth. After meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our criminal defence solicitors began their own thorough legal investigation. This included receiving instructions from our client, hearing his side of the story, gathering witness statements from friends and family members, and combing through our client’s phone for any mobile phone evidence that would provide any more information about the malicious communications charges.  

The evidence pointed to the fact that the malicious communication allegations were entirely false. There were no text messages or call logs between our client and Ms. D, save for a few messages about irrelevant topics. The voice note sent clearly recorded a conversation between two people, our client and his friend, Ms. L. Furthermore, it was clear that it was a conversation, and was not meant for Ms. D or directed to her in any way. Miss L corroborated this, and agreed to testify in court to prove our client’s innocence.  

During the trial, our criminal defence solicitors submitted the overwhelming evidence gathered, that proved that our client had accidentally recorded a part of a private conversation he was having with someone else, and that the complainant had mistakenly viewed it as a threat. Furthermore, our criminal defence lawyers proved that the initial allegation – of our client having a relationship with Ms. D’s daughter – was categorically false, as there was no evidence present to prove this claim. Faced with the facts, the prosecution realised their mistake and immediately dropped all charges, effectively freeing our client and restoring his reputation.  

A simple click of the wrong button can spiral into a months-long criminal investigation, which can hinder your life, relationships, and career for months on end. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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