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Our client was wrongfully charged of malicious communications by his own father, during the twelce days of Christ in mas. After a deeply thorough investigation, our lawyers were able to prove his innocence the courtroom, and the communications he had were concerning the safety of his step-child. In the face of overwhelming the evidence, the jury realised the truth, and fully acquitted our client.

Mr. J was arrested on charges of malicious communications after his father lodged a complaint against him over the Christmas holiday period. His father alleged that Mr. J had called and messaged him over 100 times in the few days leading up to Christmas, arguing that Mr. J’s step-daughter was being abused by his father. The complainant argued that Mr. J was harassing him, and feared for his safety.  

When Mr. J contacted us for our services, our defence lawyers immediately got the ball rolling. As this was a familial matter, the most important step was to speak to friends and family members, and ascertain the nature of their relationship. Our defence lawyers left no stone unturned to uncover and analyse all the evidence gathered and submitted by the prosecution. They discovered the breakdown of relations between Mr. J and his father. By gathering witness and character statements, our lawyers conclusively proved that Mr. J was a father concerned for his child’s safety, and that the claims of harassment were wrongful and malicious in nature.  

During the trial, our ldefence solicitors put forth compelling evidence, decisive legal strategies, and a convincing argument that definitively proved our client’s intent in wishing to protect his step-daughter and his concern for her safety. Our defence lawyers also proved that the harassment charges were maliciously made and held no actual truth. Faced with the facts, the jury had no choice but to fully acquit our client of all charges.  

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