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Our client, Mr. B, faced charges of fraud after performing a job for his childhood friend, Mr. S. As a contractor, Mr. B was used to working on construction sites and working for a day’s wages. Unkown to him, Mr. S was running a fraud scheme, and Mr. B was inadvertently sucked in. Thanks to a robust, empathetic legal defence, Mr. B avoided a custodial sentence, and kept his freedom.

Mr. B suffered from a life of trauma from his family and turned to drugs at a young age to cope. He was asked to perform a simple job by a friend, Mr. S. As the two were childhood friends and Mr. B had done work for Mr. S before, he agreed. Mr. S didn’t give any details, but Mr. B assumed it would be like earlier work – at construction sites or renovation work. The work done was at the complainant’s home, and Mr. B was paid for the day.  

His shock was palpable when he was arrested on charges of fraud a few days later. The complainant alleged that he pretended to be an insurance man and sell fake insurance to the complainant. Mr. B vehemently denied the charges, and contacted us.  

Our fraud lawyers immediately sprang into action, determined to uncover the truth of the matter. Our criminal defence solicitors worked closely with our client, and chased the police and prosecution for all their evidence. After gathering multiple witness statements and meticulously analysing the evidence, our fraud lawyers determined that our client had gone through multiple difficult instances in his life, and was roped into a scheme by someone he treated as a friend.  

During the trial, our fraud lawyers applied empathetic legal tactics to highlight our client’s personal history and trauma he suffered because of the conviction, and pushed forward all evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence. The judge, moved by our criminal defence solicitor’s arguments, granted a suspended sentence and a rehabilitation order, ensuring that our client did not suffer needlessly in prison, and granted him an opportunity to get better with medical help.  

Dealing with the potential of a prison sentence while suffering from familial trauma can worsen your condition, and can have severe consequences on your life, health, and future. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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