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Our client, Mr. A was falsely accused of robbery and false imprisonment after 2 complainants filed a report against him and his friends. Following a lengthy trial, our lawyers were able to successfully prove his innocence, highlighting the fact that he was not even present at the scene of the crime, and that he was wrongfully accused.

Mr. A ‘s friends had contacted 2 potential buyers for a bike, and had communicated with the buyers via Snapchat – where Mr. A, too, had a public account. However, the sale went awry and the police were called during the commotion – resulting in  Mr. A being falsely arrested, along with his friends, for multiple counts of robbery, false imprisonment, and possession of an offensive weapon. Fearful for his future, he immediately contacted us to represent him.  

Our criminal defence solicitors immediately sprang to action, determined to uncover the truth and reveal our client’s side of the story. After meticulously analysing any and all evidence submitted by the prosecution, our lawyers conducted their own thorough legal investigation. Beginning with our client, they focused on gathering witness statements from others present at the scene, analysing CCTV footage, and working with forensic experts to analyse mobile phone evidence – including the phone’s GPS, to determine whether our client was present at the scene of the offence. Furthermore, our defence solicitors spoke to our client’s friends and family members, and obtained character statements that testified to our client’s personal nature.  

During their investigation, our criminal defence lawyers discovered that our client was falsely arrested for the robbery and false imprisomemet charges, and was taken into custody along with his friends. Not only did our client no longer live in the area, but was not present at the scene of the offence, proven by our client’s mobile phone records. Furthermore, our client was not involved in the sale of the bike, and that he shared a public Snapchat account with his friends – which meant that he was not the only one with access to that handle.  

During the trial, our defe lawyers submitted overwhelming evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence. Faced with the facts, the prosecution dropped all charges of robbery and false imprisonment, but insisted on trying our client for the charge of possession of an offensive weapon. Armed with the facts, our lawyers secured an acquittal following a lengthy trial. Thanks to their efforts, our client’s freedom was secured.  

Despite being falsely accused, our client was forced to attend a lengthy trial – one delayed by strikes, resulting in anxiety and uncertainty for months of his life. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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