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Our client was falsely accused by his wife of assaulting his teenage daughter. After a thorough investigation and ruthless legal strategies, the prosecution was forced to drop all charges and discontinue the case.

Mr. A was arrested at his residence after his teenage daughter claimed that he assaulted her, causing her eye to become red and swollen. Upon his arrest by the child abuse investigation team (CAIT), he was interviewed and questioned about the alleged assault charges 

When Mr. A contacted us for our services, our defence lawyers immediately tackled the details of the case. This involved a thorough investigation where we meticulously analysed all the evidence submitted by the prosecution and the police, to look for any inconsistencies or biases against our client. Our assault lawyers worked closely with our client to establish his reputation and his good character, and formulated a robust legal defence that pointed out his responsibilities as a father and his good reputation. During the investigation, his wife and daughter retracted their witness statements, as they no longer wanted to continue with the false assault charges.   

Upon submitting our overwhelming evidence to the prosecution, they were forced to drop all wrongful charges, and exonerate our client, allowing him to return to his family.  

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