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Our client was arrested for two counts of assault, over two months. Thanks to ruthless legal strategies that highlighted his good nature and effectively combatted the prosecution’s evidence, the judge discharged our client, effectively giving no sentence whatsoever.

Mr. B was accused of assaulting his partner, Ms. B, on two separate occasions. She further claimed that he was drunk while doing so, and that the assault always proceeded after a verbal argument.  

Our defence lawyers immediately took control of the situation, thoroughly analysing the evidence at hand and leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice for our client. In the context of the alleged assault, our lawyers immediately began gathering more information by speaking to our client’s friends and family, and establishing his good character. They worked closely with the police to obtain any relevant footage, including interview footage and body-worn camera footage, to ensure the legality of the arrest and interview. The lawyers also meticulously examined the prosecution’s evidence related to the assaulting incident to uncover any inconsistencies or biases against Mr. B, ensuring that all relevant information was taken into account. 

During the trial, our lawyers discovered that the prosecution’s key witness, the complainant, was no longer interested in submitting evidence of the assault, and had retracted her allegations of assaulting. Combined with the overwhelming evidence that showed our client’s good character, the judge was forced to pass down an absolute discharge, effectively allowing our client to go free, without a sentence, or penalty. 

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