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Our client, Mr. M was accused of committing arson by his neighbour, Ms. A. Upon his arrest, Mr. M was suffering from paranoid delusions, and was unaware of the consequences of his actions or the reason for his arrest. Thanks to an empathetic legal defence, our lawyers secured the medical help and rehabilitation he needed, instead of a needless prison sentence that would only worsen his condition.

Mr. M struggled with mental health issues his entire life, first visiting a therapist when he was only 14 years old. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Mr. M spent some time in the hospital for his illness and has suffered from delusions of paranoia and manic/depressive episodes that greatly influence his behaviour.  

During one such episode, his neighbour, Ms. D called the police to report him for disturbances and discovered that a fire had started. The police arrived and then arrested Mr. M for charges of arson and intentional harassment.  

After contacting us to defend him against the Arson Charges, our criminal defence solicitors immediately launched their own thorough legal investigation, and ensured that our client received bail instead of spending time in jail before the trial. Their legal investigation revealed the depths of our client’s trauma and the effects his mental illness has had on him and his family. After securing medical experts to speak to our client, our criminal defence solicitors discovered that our client was truly remorseful, and had no ill-intention towards his neighbour. Rather, he was in the throes of a severe paranoid delusion, and there was no objective reason for his actafaions.  

During the trial, our criminal defence solicitors submitted voluminous evidence that proved our client’s mental history – including multiple psychiatric reports and medical documents – proving his remorse over his actions and his willingness to return to his treatment. Moved by our arguments, the judge ordered him to complete a hospital order, rather than sentence him to prison, allowing him to get the medical treatment he needed.  

Struggling with mental illness on your own can be extremely difficult, particularly when the police get involved, as a criminal record can make it harder to get the treatment and rehabilitation you need. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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