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Stuart Miller Solicitors’ leading Fraud Solicitors have robustly defended complex Investment Frauds, whether they are Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Binary Option Frauds or Boiler Room Frauds. We appreciate the scheme may have been created by an entrepreneurial mind and destined for real success. We know that investors who lose money will be annoyed and desperate. They will inevitably lie and exaggerate the truth to ensure the complaint falls within the scope of the Fraud Act 2006 or the Proceeds of Crime Act 2006. 

What is a typical Investment Fraud ?

Whilst there are numerous variations on the schemes, typically, these Investment Frauds offer high returns on investment. They operate in small, yet highly sophisticated and talented teams of individuals, all with exceptional business skills. 

The schemes have been known to target a group of people, whether they are the elderly, the rich or those with gambling habits. Information on the victims is usually obtained from online databases which supply personal and contact details, together with historic information on the victims’ investment profiles.

These schemes go further than merely contacting potential investors using cold-calling methods. They seem and often are, totally legitimate and have a unique idea to bring to the market. They may have glossy brochures, high-quality websites and countless online reviews to support their credibility. These schemes may have gathered momentum and attracted media attention which caused a snowball effect and increased the attractiveness of the proposed investment. More often than not, the scheme will have a real possibility of offering a very good return which lures the investors into parting with their money.

What can our Fraud Lawyers do ?

The Fraud Lawyers at this firm have defended those accused of these schemes at all levels. Whether you are accused as the master-mind, the second in command, the marketing assistant, the IT assistant or the floor-operator required to deal with customers; Stuart Miller Solicitors have substantial expertise in understanding your case, your circumstances and the way in which the prosecution will seek to prosecute you.

Given the nature of these schemes, often those involved are unable to disclose the manner in which they sought return on investments. If such information was disclosed, the scheme could never operate and competition would move-in to monopolise on the unique nature of the investment proposed. This is the most important feature in defending Ponzi Fraud or Pyramid Scheme cases. The ability of those at the top of the chain to show how and why their scheme was legitimate and commercially able to succeed and for those at the bottom end to demonstrate they exercised reasonable due-diligence to ensure what they were selling / proposing was a legitimate and honest scheme. Honest intent and lack of dishonesty is likely to be at the heart of the defence case and our Fraud Lawyers will pro-actively pursue all defence material which will strengthen your case.

Pyramid made from banknotes

Owing to daily handling of Fraud Cases, our Fraud Solicitors have the very best Barristers and QCs to choose from. We can instruct international agents to make enquiries abroad, we can engage financial experts to analyse the trail of funds, we can work with telephony experts and computer evidence evaluation experts to build your defence case. 

Our reputation is very important but we at Stuart Miller Solicitors also rely on past Notable Cases to speak of our remarkable abilities in this field.

When should you discuss your case with an expert Investment Fraud Solicitor ? 

Early action in any case is pivotal to increasing the chances of success. In such complex and intimidating investigations or prosecutions, you will require skilful advice at every juncture. If you have been served with a Restraint Order, you have had assets seized, your cash is detained; rest assured our Fraud Lawyers will advise you on all aspects of the Fraud investigation or Prosecution.

Whether you are facing allegations of Fraud by False Representation, Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information, Making or Supplying Articles for use in Fraud or on the larger end of the spectrum, for Conspiracy to Defraud or Money Laundering; please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Fraud Solicitors. We can arrange to speak to you in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.