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Our Criminal Defence Solicitors take a multidisciplinary approach in defending our clients. Human Trafficking is a complex area of law, often with an international dimension. Our firm has talented Lawyers who can deal with different facets in defending of Human Trafficking Charges.

How our Criminal Defence Solicitors can help

We will work alongside you to understand the factual circumstances surrounding the allegations. We will move quickly to secure any useful defence evidence which materialises from your explanation of events. Applying a very thorough eye, our Criminal Defence Solicitors will analyse the prosecution evidence very carefully.

We will not only identify the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, we will also be looking for illegally obtained evidence, we will be contesting the admissibility of evidence and the reliability of witnesses (who may have a personal gain and have received promises of visas by the British authorities).

Mobile phone downloads, computer evidence and other material seized during searches will be relied upon by the prosecution. Our Criminal Defence Solicitors have substantial experience of analysing telephone and observation evidence which often is the mainstay of the prosecution. There may also be evidence of the client’s and other parties’ financial records which require detailed analysis to weigh up its evidential impact.

We will instruct forensic analysts, mobile phone experts, computer interrogators and any other experts who can provide positive testimony in your case. Not only this, we will not settle for anyone other than the best Barristers or QC's who will work with us to defend you. We believe that several legal minds working together on a case are better than then one and your team will collaborate to devise the best strategy and optimise your chances of success.

Trafficked human sitting with bound hands and ripped jeans

Most importantly, our Criminal Defence Solicitors fight robustly to achieve all the disclosure the client is entitled to under the law and we are never afraid of bringing proceedings in Court for incomplete disclosure. Prosecutors sometimes don’t share information which can help the defence to win the case or an important argument but we have uncovered hidden evidence on countless occasions, which has then led to the success of the case.

Whether the alleged ‘exploitation’ is of a sexual nature, involves Slavery or Forced Labour; our Criminal Defence Solicitors have the skills to explore transcultural and transnational issues to provide the true perspective of the case. We instruct well-regarded interpreters and translators in assisting our understanding of the cases and clients.

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Time is often of the essence in Human Trafficking cases and we strongly encourage you to seek early advice and assistance.  Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Criminal Defence Solicitors to arrange a meeting, whether face to face, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.