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Death By Dangerous Driving

As one of the largest Criminal Solicitors’ Firms in the UK, we know how important it is for you to receive the highest standards of legal services and we will make sure that you get them. With our young and dynamic team of passionate Lawyers, we will ensure that every piece of evidence is followed to try and get a better outcome for you.

If you have been involved in a road accident and you have caused the death of someone else, you may be facing a charge of Death by Dangerous Driving or Death by Careless Driving. There may be other factors involved such as drink or drug driving too or the use of a mobile phone.

You will obviously be very upset by the situation and your emotions will have a huge impact on the decisions you take. It is therefore vital that you engage an expert Criminal Solicitor to guide you through the important decisions you need to take and explain to you the impact of each of these decisions.

Having to deal with the police in addition to oppressive investigators employed by insurance companies trying to protect their financial position can be very tough, especially at a time you may be worried about your future and pending proceedings. Our Criminal Solicitors have experience in defending Death by Dangerous Driving Allegations and will be able to deliver the support and advise you need.

How we defend Death By Dangerous Driving allegations

We will scrutinise the prosecution’s evidence, identify unlawfully obtained evidence, challenge the admissibility of evidence and contest the testimony of witnesses who may be lying. We will instruct specialist crash site and accident reconstruction experts to pick out any small grain of evidence which will support your defence case.

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Our Criminal Solicitors will work with you to understand the entire circumstances surrounding the offence and to draw out any other evidence which could assist. We will prepare you for the day you are required to give evidence and stand in the witness box, a critical event which can make or break a case.

Always seeking to apply as many legal minds to a case as possible, we will instruct some of the most talented and brilliant Criminal Barristers to present your case to the Court, to persuade the jury and keep the prosecutor in check.

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We do understand the impact of the offence you are facing and the pressure that you will be under. We will take the time to explain everything in detail so you are clear about where you stand and what the possible outcomes are. Early action is pivotal to the success of every case.

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