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Kevin Smith

Senior Solicitor

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Kevin Smith Solicitor
  • Cyril Fofana

    Very knowledgeable, prompt, efficient and helpful. Got the answers to my question right away and I highly recommend their service.

  • CG

    There are so many good things I could write here. The team I got from SM’s were tenacious, actively engaged, supportive, empathetic, and kind.

    And they were Rottweilers, too.

    They got miles and away the best possible outcome for me, in the situation. VH, HF, and Kate were all brilliant.

    Needing a solicitor is scary. I never ever imagined I would need one. When I did, I wish I had these guys onboard. They will be my go-to now.

    by CG
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  • Sajid Hussain

    Seen a review on a website made an enquiry and was given a free advice and direction to my Question which was instant really helpful and was given above and beyond explanation would definitely use/recommend them.


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