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What is Sentence Finder?

This app will help you find the most likely sentence for any criminal offence.

Where does the information come from?

The data used in the app has been supplied by the Ministry of Justice for adult sentencing outcomes in England & Wales between 2004-2017.

How do I use this app?

Select an offence from the list below. You can also (optionally) choose to select the age, sex, ethnicity of the offender and the court in which the case is being heard. The app will display the most frequent outcomes for cases that match the criteria you have selected.

When selecting items from the list click/tap once to select it and then click/tap again to activate your selection.


The Sentence Finder App


An indeterminate sentence is one that does not specify a fixed length of time in which the offender will remain in custody. Sentence durations are not provided for indeterminate sentences.


What factors can impact sentences for the same offence?

Although all courts must adhere to the sentencing guidelines,  a number of factors could impact a sentence – including:

  • the harm caused by the offence.
  • any mitigating factors
  • whether the offender plead guilty to the offence

Sentence outcomes may also vary depending on the court in which the case was heard and the judge or presiding magistrate who heard the case.

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