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Our client, Mr. M was falsely accused, along with 3 others, of kidnapping, blackmail, and threats to kill, by the complainant, Mr. V. After multiple delays, adjournments, and difficulties with the complainant, the defence firmly argued that the delays were creating a hostile, unfair environment for our client. Armed with the facts, our criminal defence solicitors firmly proved our client’s innocence, forcing the prosecution to ultimately admit that they did not have any evidence, and had to drop all charges.

Mr. M and the complainant, Mr. V, were close friends, having grown up in the same community and continued to live within the same neighbourhood. The troubles initially began when Mr. V borrowed cash from Mr. M and promised to pay him back after a few days. The days went by and Mr. M did not see his money. What was an internal matter exploded when Mr. M was pulled over and arrested, on charges of kidnapping, blackmail, and threats to kill.  

Utterly shocked by the allegations, Mr. M contacted us to represent him, and discover the truth. Our criminal defence solicitors immediately jumped onto the case, determined to uncover the facts. After closely analysing all evidence submitted by the prosecution, our defence lawyers worked closely with CCTV, mobile phone, and forensic experts to analyse CCTV footage, fingerprints found on the complainant’s clothing and in the car and to analyse mobile phone evidence. The complainant alleged that our client (and 3 others) kidnapped and blackmailed the complainant money, and then threatened him. The complainant also alleged that our client and other defendants threatened him after the charges were made, and offered him drugs to drop all charges.  

Our lawyers successfully proved that none of these charges are true. During the time of the alleged offence, mobile phone evidence showed that our client was at home – and not in the car with the complainant. CCTV footage shows our client having a calm conversation with the complainant – about making some money buying and selling second hand phones. Furthermore, CCTV footage after the arrest shows the complainant making racist threats towards our client.  

Despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to his innocence, the prosecution continually adjourned the trial – either because the complainant didn’t show up, or because they were still looking for evidence. The trials were delayed for months, resulting in our client being stuck, waiting for a result. Our defence solicitors finally submitted a request to the judge to disallow any further adjournments, as this was unfair to our client and the prosecution had more than enough time to prepare for the trial. The prosecution were finally forced to admit that there was not enough evidence, and had to drop all wrongful charges.  

Despite having the evidence to prove his innocence, our client was still forced to wait for months, because of multiple adjournments and delays by the prosecution. A false allegation can disrupt your life for weeks, if not for months – even if you are innocent and can fully prove it. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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