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Our client was arrested with two other defendants in an attempt for the police to crack down on drug distribution. Despite having no ties to the crime, our client was arrested and charged with intent to distribute class B drugs. Thanks to meticulous analysis and tactical legal work, our client was rightfully acquitted of all wrongful charges.

Mr. R was arrested, along with two other defendants at a residence in Ilford and charged with a conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs. At his arrest, the police found bags of class A and class B drugs at the residence, during an on-going operation to combat the sale of drugs near the Ilford Railway Station. However, Mr. R denied all the allegations, and contacted us.  

Our team of skilled defence lawyers launched an immediate investigation into the case, poring over all available evidence with a fine-tooth comb. Our criminal defence solicitors began by repeatedly requesting for all evidence related to the conspiracy to supply class A drugs, including any undisclosed material, to meticulously analyze for any inconsistencies or liabilities against our client. Using cutting-edge forensic techniques and expert analysis, we unearthed the shocking truth: that the defendant was in that address for the first time. Our client had no intent to consume or possess class A drugs, and was at the wrong place at the wrong time – which is not a criminal offense. 

During the trial, our defence lawyers skilfully explained our evidence to the jury, pointing out our client’s good character and lack of intent. Our criminal defence solicitors also referred to the forensic evidence and recorded footage, proving our client’s innocence and verifying his claims. Despite the charges of conspiracy to supply class A, the jury, realising that our client was innocent in the entire endeavour, immediately voted not guilty and unanimously acquitted him. 

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