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Despite being indicted for conspiring to assist in illegal immigration, our client was acquitted of the charges against him, thanks to the tireless efforts of the legal team.

Case Overview: 

Mr. J was indicted with conspiring to facilitate his wife’s illegal immigration to  

UK, with the prosecution alleging that Mr J. worked with others in a conspiracy to commit unlawful immigration.
The prosecution argued that Mr. J and another individual, Mr. B attempted to bring in Mr. J’s wife into the UK at the UK-France border. However, this attempt was discovered and Mr. B was arrested while Mr. J’s wife was sent back to France.  

The Defence Team’s Efforts:  

Stuart Miller Solicitors took on the case of Mr. J, who was indicted with conspiring to facilitate his wife’s illegal immigration to the UK. The prosecution alleged that Mr. J worked with others in a closed conspiracy to commit unlawful immigration. The defence lawyer at Stuart Miller immediately went to work, fighting for Mr. J’s innocence. 

Before the trial, the defence team worked with Mr. J to ensure that all of the evidence – including client statements, witness statements, and mobile phone data – were relevant, finely analysed, and free from any inconsistencies or biases. The prosecution submitted mobile phone data as key evidence, focusing on call data records, mobile and SIM card downloads, and cell site evidence. The team also hired an expert in gathering data mobile phones, to go through the evidence and provide expert testimony.  

During the first trial, the defence team fought relentlessly, determined to uncover all of the evidence submitted by the prosecution, and prove their client’s innocence of all wrongdoing. Unfortunately, the prosecution submitted a transcript of Mr. B’s interview – even though the criminal defence fought against this, as he had absconded and his interview should have been excluded from the trial. The legal team also provided an interpreter for the client, as he was not fluent in English.  

Despite Mr. J not being able to afford legal services, the legal team works with Legal Aid, and helped him apply for legal aid so he could have the right to a fair trial, with expert legal advice behind him.  

 Though the client was convicted after the first trial, the experienced legal team took this setback in their stride and immediately filed an appeal. After the appeal, the defence team worked harder than ever to make sure that no stone was left unturned, reviewing and re-reviewing all of the evidence at hand, and going through all of the irregularities and misdirections that took place during the first trial. After submitting evidence of all of these irregularities, the defence team filed an appeal arguing that he did not receive a fair trial because of the judge’s misdirections.  

During the re-trial, the team was able to successfully argue for the client, using character statements, expert testimony, and reviews of all of the evidence. By employing strategic legal tactics that are tried and tested after many years of experience in courtrooms, the defence team was able to secure the client’s acquittal, and his freedom.  

How We Can Help You: 

Being accused of unlawful or illegal immigration is a very serious offence, and comes with a punishment of a prison sentence, a fine, or both. Being falsely accused of such an offence can be tricky to deal with, and can cause a variety of anxieties and stresses as it can greatly harm your life. If you, or someone you know, has been accused, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide free no-obligation consultations, and we’ll be able to offer you specialised legal advice, from a team with a combined experience of 40 years.


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