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Our client, Ms. W was falsely accused of harrassment by her ex-partner after he filed a complaint with the police. Our eagle-eyed defence lawyers, however, noted one fatal flaw – that the complainant had failed to provide any context whatsoever. Thanks to our lawyers’ investigative efforts, it was revealed that they had pleasant conversations and continued to speak after they broke up. Faced with the full picture, the prosecution had no choice but to drop all charges, acquitting our client.

Ms. W suffered from a rough breakup with her ex-partner, though the two of them continued to maintain contact, often sending text messages late into the night. The conversations would turn hurtful, and Ms. W was left struggling to look for closure, and for an opportunity to move on. Imagine her surprise when she found the police knocking on her door, and placing her under arrest for harassment 

Fearful for her future and concerned about potential harassment charges, she immediately contacted us to represent her. Our solicitors immediately began working on the harassment case, starting with all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution. Along with closely analyzing the evidence for any inconsistencies, our defence solicitors conducted a thorough analysis of our client’s phone as well, looking at any messages, chats, videos, and photos that were shared. Along with our client’s help, our defence solicitors discovered the larger picture – that the two were in a relationship which had ended, but they still shared many conversations, which would last hours. A huge chunk of the messages were agreeable, and the complainant had responded peacefully. Furthermore, the relationship was rocky – our client had messages from the complainant that were aggressive and rude, indicating a bidirectional exchange that complicates the harassment narrative, while our client was looking for closure. Working with forensic experts, our criminal defence solicitors determined that the phone was not tampered with in any way, that all the messages were genuine, and that our client was falsely accused of harassment. 

Armed with evidence, our criminal defence solicitors objectively proved that the prosecution did not have all the facts regarding the harassment allegations, and that these harassment charges were patently false. Faced with overwhelming proof of the baselessness of the harassment claims, the prosecution had no choice but to admit their error, and to drop all wrongful charges. 

What starts off as a healthy, happy relationship can spiral down into malicious charges, wrongful arrests and vindictive accusations. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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