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Our client faced wrongful charges of grievous bodily harm; following a lengthy trial and exhaustive investigations, our legal team successfully secured our client’s innocence.

Mr. A was enjoying a night out with his friends, mingling with many just outside of a nightclub. While waiting to be picked up by a cab, Mr. A witnessed an affray unfolding and noticed a police presence, suggesting the potential for charges of grievous bodily harm being involved. 

During this, he also realised that the complainant was antagonising other people, and was heavily intoxicated. Eventually, the complainant came to Mr A and his friends and began yelling at, spitting at, and eventually throwing a punch at Mr A. This resulted in a fistfight, where Mr A acted in self-defence. Unfortunately, he found himself being arrested for charges of affray and grievous bodily harm, and was taken to the station.  

Fearful for his future and facing charges of affray and grievous bodily harm, he contacted us to represent him and to clear the air. Our defence lawyers immediately began their own investigation into the matter to uncover the truth. After meticulously analyzing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our defence lawyers conducted their own exhaustive investigation. After reviewing the prosecution’s case, gathering witness statements, and analyzing CCTV footage taken from outside the club, our legal team was able to establish the truth. 

They successfully proved that the complainant had initiated the affray, and were able to support this thanks to witness statements and CCTV footage of the surrounding area. 

Despite the prosecution trying to prove that the complainant had suffered grievous bodily harm resulting in a coma, our legal team were able to prove that our client was acting in self-defense. Faced with the facts, the judge directed the jury to a not guilty verdict confirming there was no case to answer. 

Acting in self-defence is a reliable defence so long as it is proportional to the act occurred, whether it involves affray or grievous bodily harm. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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