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A high-profile Bollywood figure accused of a kidnap plot was acquitted after turning to Stuart Miller Solicitors.

Mr F was charged with kidnap, blackmail and assault but maintained he was the innocent victim of malicious allegations.

Lawyers from the London firm backed their client from the start and demanded prosecutors turn over all digital evidence belonging to Mr F, his complainant and his co-accused.

More than 50,000 pages of evidence was handed over but was analysed in depth by solicitors to find crucial material to blow apart the claims faced by their client.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “Our expert team of lawyers scrutinised the material in a short period of time and were able to quickly identify and extract significant amounts of data in call logs, text messages  and WhatsApp communications which undermined the entirety of the allegations faced by our client.

“Ultimately, once the material was brought to the fore, the Crown were forced to withdraw their case, offering no evidence against our client and with the case coming to a successful conclusion.”

In addition to Mr F’s acquittal, a judge rebuked prosecutors and police for handing over the vital electronic evidence at a late stage in proceedings.


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