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Stuart Miller Solicitors have defended Solicitors, Accountants, Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Bank Officials and individuals for Mortgage Fraud for more than 30 years. Whether you are accused of Mortgage Fraud from a business perspective or as an individual, our Fraud Solicitors will bring their tenacity, their knowledge, hard work and creative problem-solving skills to defend you.

If you anticipate an investigation, are being investigated or prosecuted; our Mortgage Fraud Solicitors will be more than happy to speak to you over the telephone, in person or using online platforms. We can not only give you guidance as to the general procedure and explain what you can expect next, but if you give us enough information, we may be able to provide preliminary advice or a second opinion on advice you may already have received.

What charges can you expect in Mortgage Fraud prosecutions ?

Mortgage Fraud investigations can involve the misleading provision of information to the lender, or completely fraudulent and fictitious applications for loans. Prosecutions are either for Fraud by False Representation, Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information, Making or Supplying Articles for use in Fraud or on the larger end of the spectrum, for Conspiracy to Defraud and Money Laundering. In any event, the implications are severe, especially since the inception of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 which allows the Court to restrain all your assets, limit access to your own money and then order the confiscation of your home and any other assets you may have.

Our Mortgage Fraud Lawyers have substantial experience of Mortgage Fraud cases and understand how the economic climate has caused the banks and prosecuting authorities to look at some applications with a fine tooth comb. If you are reading this page, it is likely that you are concerned about a potential prosecution. Our Mortgage Fraud Solicitors understand the reality of your predicament, the impact on your business, the stress inflicted on your family, your fears of losing your home and or your income and most of all, the unbearable level of anxiety you may be suffering.

How can our Fraud Solicitors help you ?

As expert Fraud Solicitors with experience defending Mortgage Fraud Allegations, we will try to give you as much information as possible to calm your anxiety. We will ensure you understand the entire process, what will happen, why and when. We will give you 'no-frills' direct and honest advice as to your position and likelihood of success. We will undertake a damage limitation exercise and create a strategy to defend your case, with your agreement. Why are we concerned about your mental-state ? Because we need you to be 100% focused on beating the prosecution case, on working with us to provide relevant and useful defence material and to be on your A-game when you are called to the witness-box to give evidence.

Approved stamped mortgage application form with house keys on the form

Defending Mortgage Fraud Allegations is not only about specialist Fraud Solicitors scrutinising the prosecution's evidence, instructing world-class financial analysts and creating the best defence strategies alongside brilliant and talented Fraud Barristers. We believe success in these cases comes with hard work and attention to detail in collaboration with you and ensuring you will add to the case by giving convincing evidence to the Jury.

We understand that being the subject of an investigation is a stressful time for our clients and choosing the right Lawyer is of paramount importance. We offer a dedicated Solicitor, Barrister and Caseworker to each Mortgage Fraud case, which will ensure an outstanding level of client service throughout.

How to book a free consultation with a Fraud Solicitor

Early action in any case is pivotal to increasing the chances of success. In such complex and intimidating investigations or prosecutions, you will require skilful advice at every juncture. Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Fraud Solicitors to arrange a meeting, whether face to face, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.