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The specialist Money Laundering Solicitors at this firm have decades of experience defending serious and complex Money Laundering cases involving millions of pounds laundered throughout the world. We contest Money Laundering Allegations on a daily basis and defend those accused of Fraud, Drugs and other offences linked to Money Laundering.

Onerous obligations have been imposed on businesses, professionals and individuals to report transactions which are either known to be, are suspected to be, or ought reasonably to have appeared to involve Money Laundering.

What our Money Laundering Solicitors will do

Our Money Laundering Solicitors frequently defend business people, professionals and innocent family members who can easily find themselves caught up as witnesses, or even as suspects in Money Laundering investigations; whether as a result of actions of their own, their clients or another party.

If you, your business or family members are being investigated for Money Laundering, it can have far-reaching consequences for everyone around you, your mental health and your ability to work or run a business. A prosecuting authority can bring charges against family and friends if they believe they should have known that income may have been coming from illegitimate activities.

Our Money Laundering Solicitors are commercially aware and extremely pro-active in their approach, believing that prevention is the best defence against investigation and litigation. This is why our Solicitors can help businesses, professionals and individuals review or focus on their compliance procedures to reduce the risk of breaches of the legislation. We can advise on preventative measures at the early stages of an investigation to dramatically reduce the chances of being prosecuted. Where a prosecution has commenced, we can provide crucial guidance and defence strategies to defend your case. We will not only gather favourable direct and indirect evidence for you. We will scrutinise all aspects of the prosecution case to see where it fails the expected standards so a dismissal argument can be made.

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Our team

We have a highly skilled team which includes Fraud Solicitors, dedicated investigators and leading Barristers or QCs. We have built fundamental relationships with nationally recognised forensic accountants, telephony and computer data analysts and many other experts needed to ensure that every avenue is explored to protect your personal and commercial interests.

We have acted in substantial high profile cases over the years including those where the alleged criminality spanned foreign jurisdictions involving Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Belgium, South Africa, Switzerland, Afghanistan, France, Iran, Spain, Pakistan and many more countries.

Our Lawyers will work tirelessly to pursue every possible line of enquiry to secure evidence which can be used in your favour. Whether in the UK or abroad, the Money Laundering Solicitors in this firm are trained to present all information strategically with a view to persuading the jury in your favour.

Booking a free consultation with our Money Laundering Solicitors

We understand that being the subject of an investigation is a stressful time for our clients and choosing the right Lawyer is of paramount importance. We therefore offer free, no obligation consultations to discuss your case and provide preliminary advice. Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Money Laundering Solicitors to arrange a meeting in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.