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A Guide To HMP Askham Grange

Navigating the prospect of a prison sentence at HMP Askham Grange can be made easier with proper information. In this blog, we’ll discuss crucial details about HMP Askham Grange, such as its classification, location, and transportation options. Additionally, we’ll delve into the reception process for new inmates and what to anticipate during prison visits. By the conclusion of this post, you’ll be well-informed about the HMP Askham Grange experience, whether you’re visiting a loved one or preparing for your own stay.

What type of prison is HMP Askham Grange?

HMP Askham Grange is an open prison and young offender institution (YOI). It is located in Askham Richard, near York, and it houses 120 adult women aged 18 and over. It is run by His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service and has a number of facilities aimed at helping women build family relationships and develop work and life skills.

How to get to HMP Askham Grange

HMP Askham Grange is located at Askham Richard, York, YO23 3FT. You can drive to the prison or use public transport (a short walk may be required, depending on the route). Several bus and coach routes pass near the prison and Yorkshire rail services are also proximate.

What happens when you first go to prison as a prisoner?

If you are entering prison for the first time, it’s natural to feel apprehensive and worried about what to expect. However, knowing what to expect in the initial stages can help ease your concerns.

When you first arrive, the “reception” process is the first step in being inducted into the prison system. Its main purpose is to gather information about you, including your needs and potential risks to yourself or others. This information is then used to determine your accommodation and other services or facilities that you might require during your stay.

Typically, the reception process involves a health screening to check for any immediate medical issues, as well as a thorough search to ensure that you’re not carrying any banned items like drugs or weapons. Your personal belongings will also be checked and any forbidden items confiscated. You’ll be briefed about the prison rules and regulations, daily routines, and the services and programs available to you.

Once the reception process is complete, you’ll be assigned to a specific wing or unit within the prison. You’ll receive your bedding, basic hygiene items, and a cell. If you have a cellmate, you’ll also be introduced to them at this point.

It’s common to feel nervous about entering prison, but having a basic understanding of what to expect during the initial stages can help you feel more at ease.

What happens when you visit someone in prison?

In England, visiting a prisoner involves a series of procedures aimed at ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved.

To visit a prisoner, you must book your visit in advance and provide photographic identification upon arrival. Once you arrive, you’ll likely undergo a security check, which may include having your body, clothes, and bags checked. Even children may be searched for security purposes.

After clearing security, you’ll wait until your scheduled visit time, at which point you’ll be escorted to a visiting room to see the prisoner. The room may have a screen or glass partition, or it could be an open room with several tables. Depending on the prison’s policies, physical contact may be allowed.

After the visit, you’ll need to check out and may be subject to another security check to ensure that you’re not carrying anything out of the prison on behalf of the prisoner.

If you’re unsure about what items are allowed during your visit to HMP Askham Grange, it’s recommended that you contact the prison beforehand to learn more about their policies and procedures.

Where to get more help

Are you worried about the legal rights of yourself or a loved one at HMP Askham Grange? Perhaps you’re concerned about what could happen next, such as an appeal against conviction or sentencing. Our team at Stuart Miller Solicitors are experts in prison issues and can help you navigate the complexities and politics of incarceration. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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