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A Guide to Highbury Magistrates’ Court

Have you received a postal requisition to attend Highbury Magistrates’ Court (officially called Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court)? If so, you might be wondering what it means, how to get there, and what you need to do when you arrive.

What does it mean to receive a postal requisition from Highbury Magistrates’ Court?

If you have received a postal requisition for Highbury Magistrates’ Court, it means that you are legally required to attend the court on the day and time specified.

The postal requisition will also tell you what offence you are alleged to have committed. Please note that the postal requisition will not tell you why you have been accused of this crime, or what evidence the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has against you.

In this event, it is essential that you contact a specialist criminal defence solicitor to help you navigate the meaning of the postal requisition for Highbury Magistrates’ Court, and to advise you on how best to respond to the charges that are levied against you.

How do I find a solicitor for Highbury Magistrates’ Court?

If you are looking for a criminal defence solicitor for Highbury Magistrates’ Court, contact the team at Stuart Miller Solicitors today.

Our team of criminal defence experts have defended countless cases at Highbury Magistrates’ Court, from minor criminal offenses that are dealt with exclusively in by the magistrate to high profile cases that start in the Magistrates’ Court and are later sent to Crown Court.

To be put in touch with a solicitor working in the Highbury Magistrates’ Court, please arrange a free consultation.

What is the Highbury Magistrates’ Court address?

Highbury Magistrates’ Court is located at 51 Holloway Rd, Highbury, London N7 8JA, but if you need to write to the court or send in documents, you should address correspondence North London Admin Centre, P.O. Box 52693, London, N7 1AF.

How do I get to Highbury Magistrates’ Court?

Located in the busy London borough of Islington, the easiest way to get to Highbury Magistrates’ Court is via overground train or the London underground. Both lines stop at the Highbury & Islington station, which is a very short two-minute walk from the court building.

Where do I find Highbury Magistrates’ Court parking?

There is some limited free street parking for cars and motorbikes on Digswell Street and Furlong Road, which are less than a minute’s walk each from the Highbury Magistrates’ Court building. There is also free street parking on Highbury Crescent, located across the main A1 road from the court building. Note, however, that parking typically is free for up to two hours, which may not be long enough for your court appearance. Paid street parking for longer periods is available on almost all of the roads surrounding the court building.

What are the Highbury Magistrates’ Court opening hours?

The court’s standard opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The court counter is open from 9am to 10am for applications, and from 9am to 11am and 1:30pm to 2:30pm for other enquiries.

What is the Highbury Magistrates’ Court email address?

There are several email addresses for Highbury Magistrates’ Court, depending on the department.

What is the Highbury Magistrates’ Court phone number?

There are several phone numbers for Highbury Magistrates’ Court, which depend on the nature of your enquiry:

You may also fax Highbury Magistrates’ Court at: 0870 739 5768

What do I do when I arrive at Highbury Magistrates’ Court?

Your solicitor should advise you what to do when you arrive at Highbury Magistrates’ Court, but if they have not and you aren’t sure where to go, the best thing to do is pass through the security check and go to the court front desk. Tell them why you are visiting, and they can tell you where to meet your solicitor or where to wait for a court session if you are attending as a member of the public. They can also point you in the direction of the public restrooms and other facilities, if necessary.


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