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Our specialist Advance Fee Fraud Solicitors have particular expertise and skill defending allegations of Advance Fee Fraud. We have acted for clients suggested to have received millions of pounds advance payments in return for promises of securing goods and services. We understand the likelihood of police intervention destroying the business-plan and restricting the continuance of the proposed project.

One such case in which early intervention and effective advice led to a successful result is described in our Notable Case section and titled 'Advance Fee Fraud - RvK £126 Million Fraud Case Dropped'.

How can our Advance Fee Fraud Solicitors help ?

Our Fraud Solicitors exclusively defend Fraud Cases, handling allegations of Conspiracy to Defraud, Fraud by False Representation, Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information, Making or Supplying Articles for use in Fraud and Money Laundering on a daily basis.

Regardless of the allegation or the extent of the alleged Fraud, you will find our Fraud Solicitors dedicated to achieving the best possible result in your case. We seek to engage very early and take any steps possible to prevent the investigation from reaching Court. If matters are prosecuted, we have the commercial awareness to understand the business concepts and proposals in the case. The key issue in an Advance Fee Fraud case is often the intention and expectation of the parties. Whether, the monies paid were spent on furthering the agreed objective or for some other purpose and whether in fact, there was a genuine intention to further the business proposal or investment scheme pitched.

What will our Advance Fee Fraud Solicitors do ?

Investors can often have unreasonable expectations. At the outset of an exciting project, they accept a risk of loss but more often than not, when there is a loss, investors will always seek to blame the company or individuals undertaking the work. Our Fraud Solicitors will not only study the business proposals, they will interrogate the investors and their experiences. They will seek out those who seek to recover money by jumping on the prosecution case and exaggerating or lying about their expectations about the chances of success.

Businessmen giving and receiving stack of banknotes

If promises are made, it is for the prosecution to prove by producing evidence of the promise. It is not for the defence to prove that the promise or unrealistic expectation wasn't made! In doing so, the prosecution will inevitably rely on evidence extracted from mobile phones and computers. Our Fraud Solicitors have access to some of the best forensic experts, computer analysts and financial examiners in the UK who can be called in to provide supporting evidence.

A fundamental part of the case will be revealed from the records kept by you. We will not only analyse these record meticulously, we will continue to explore the evidence to collect, retain and present any materials which will support your defence case; including obtaining witness statements from witnesses in the UK or abroad.

We will instruct Barristers and QCs who we know have first-class experience and knowledge in defending Fraud Cases and those Barristers who will deliver their best performance in and out of the Court.

Our Fraud Solicitors have immense experience defending Advance Fee Fraud cases. We are not only knowledgeable and experienced with the Fraud Act 2006 but also with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 which will present Money Laundering, Restraint Order and then Confiscation issues.

Want to discuss your case with an expert Advance Fee Fraud Solicitor ?

Early action in any case is pivotal to increasing the chances of success. In such complex and intimidating investigations or prosecutions, you will require skilful advice at every juncture. Please Contact Us and ask to speak to our Fraud Solicitors to arrange a meeting, whether face to face, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.