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With some of the most experienced and talented Solicitors in the Criminal Law world, we have the right people to defend you in allegations of Sex Offences. We have a track record of success which can be found in the Sexual-Cases section of the website and we are proud of our pro-active and energetic approach to Criminal Defence. We are trusted and recognised as a firm of specialist Sexual Offences Solicitors and we have provided advice and guidance to journalists reporting in national newspapers such as the BBC and the Independent.

Sexual Offences Allegations can be horrific and humiliating to deal with. Not only do some offences carry life imprisonment if convicted, but any person accused of such an offence will be extremely concerned about allegations being made public, media attention and the repercussions of the allegation in general.

How can our Sexual Offences Solicitors help ?

Our Sexual Offences Solicitors understand that an allegation of a sexual nature can be emotionally stressful and take its toll on those around you. We understand the need for you and your family to be advised and informed on how Court Proceedings work and that such procedures may be unfamiliar to you. Often these offences are based purely on the issue of consent and presenting accurate and factual legal arguments to support this is key.

Whether you are accused of Sexual Assault, Distributing Pornographic Material, Possessing / Distributing Indecent Images, Causing or Inciting Sexual Activity, Child Sex Offences, Sexual Grooming, Rape or Historical Sexual Offences; you will be allocated a dedicated Caseworker who will work with an experienced Solicitor and Barrister. You will have an opportunity to go through the evidence in your case before developing a strategy to secure defence evidence and present your case in a way which will ensure the best possible chances of success.

Our success in this field

We have secured substantial acquittals in high profile Sexual Offence cases, including the Oxford Grooming case in which our client was one of only two men to be acquitted, from nine. We also defended a Rape case in which we uncovered the complainant having an ongoing relationship with the killer of 'Baby P'. Both cases attracted immense international media attention and substantial public interest. We do not publicise all our Sexual Offences cases on our website owing to their very sensitive nature and the lack of client consent, but we are definitely the specialist Solicitors you would want on your side if you are being investigated or prosecuted.

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We have very close relationships with specialist Barristers and QC's who defend Sexual Offences Allegations on a daily basis. Expertise and specialism are fundamental in a Sexual Offences Allegation as the law has developed to ensure witnesses and victims are approached with particular skill and care.

What we will do

From the start, we will obtain detailed factual information from you. We will build your circumstances and isolate material which will be directly or indirectly helpful to your case or the presentation of your case. We will methodically analyse the prosecution’s evidence, argue against the admission of illegally obtained evidence or evidence which obviously stands without credibility. We will do as much investigation work as required to show witnesses to be lacking credibility and to present your side of the story as being more persuasive. Regardless of the work required, you can be confident that our Sexual Offences Solicitors will support you every step of the way.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, it is imperative that you seek early advice and guidance to protect your position.

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