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Sarah King

Crown Court Department Solicitor & Supervisor

Sarah King

Crown Court Department Solicitor & Supervisor

Telephone: 0208 888 5225

Sarah is a Duty Accredited Solicitor in England and Wales with an exceptional academic record. After achieving a First Class Honours Degree in Law and Criminology, she received The Sweet and Maxwell prize for high achievement. She went on to attain a distinction in the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law. 

She is awarded the prestigious status of a Recommended Lawyer by the Legal 500 and described as "a bright, hardworking and tenacious solicitor who has a great ability to gain trust from even the most difficult clients".

Sarah is renowned for her excellent client care skills and passionate approach to Criminal Defence. She supervises our Crown Court team and boasts a large case load of complex and serious cases including Murder, Kidnap, Armed Robbery, Violent disorder, Conspiracy to Supply Drugs and Firearms. She has managed serious Fraud cases centred around multi-million pound Money Laundering allegations together with Cross-border and International Frauds. 

She meticulously prepares her cases and scrutinises evidence in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each case from the outset. She listens attentively to her clients and ensures she explores every avenue of their defence. She is proud of her straight-talking approach to litigation and the realistic expectations she affords her clients.

Sarah is an advocate in the Magistrates’ and Youth Courts and regularly attends the police station to assist detained persons for a variety of offences at all times of the day and night. Her extensive knowledge of law and procedure enables her to provide first class advice and has led to acquittals in many high profile cases. 

Sarah achieves consistently good results and is regularly recommended by her past and present clients.  She is able to deal with difficult cases involving vulnerable clients and those with mental health difficulties. Sarah never fails to ensure her clients understand the case against them, her ability to adapt her advice is enviable.

After working alongside Sarah in a Murder trial one leading QC said "In my 37 years of practice this is the first time I have witnessed this level of commitment from a legal representative. She is in my judgement to be commended for this unselfish and compassionate approach to her work and in my view her conduct speaks far more about her character and professionalism, than I can hope to."


Sarah has recently been named as a 'Recommended Lawyer' by the Legal 500.

Notable Cases:

R v C
Sarah represented one of four defendants who were accused of Murder and Conspiracy to Burgle. It was alleged that the defendants burgled a cannabis factory and stabbed to death an occupant in the process. After a seven week trial at the Central Criminal Court our client was unanimously acquitted.

R v N 
Sarah represented a client who was accused of Murder after a male was stabbed to death in Enfield. After six months of scrutinising the evidence and case preparation, the jury unanimously acquitted our client.

R v H
Sarah represented a client who was accused of Kidnap, False Imprisonment and Blackmail. Our client was acquitted of Kidnap and after securing a hung jury on the remaining counts, the prosecution agreed not to conduct a re-trial. 

R v R
Sarah represented a client for a large-scale Mortgage Fraud. It was alleged our client had conspired with others to obtain a bridging loan for a property, which was not for sale. Our client was acquitted after trial.

R v A
Sarah represented a client for a multi-million pound international Money Laundering allegation. This matter required a comprehensive understanding of complex rules and regulations relating to third party payments and the Hawala Banking system. She was required to analyse thousands of pages of evidence and decipher forensic accounting reports.

R v Q
Sarah represented a client accused of Murder after a male was stabbed to death in Southend-On-Sea. The police conducted numerous interviews over a number of days and provided staged disclosure. Sarah was required to analyse the evidence and her client’s instructions in order to provide essential advice. The decisions made at the police station later proved vital to the client's case. During the trial, a successful application of “no case to answer” was made and our client was acquitted. 

R v T & A
Sarah represented two clients who were accused of being in Possession of Offensive Weapons, after being stopped in a vehicle with bags containing a large machete and secateurs. They were both acquitted.

R v A
Sarah represented a client who was accused of GBH after striking a male to the face in a road rage incident. Our client successfully advanced the defence of self-defence and was acquitted after trial.

R v M
Sarah represented a client during his police interview after he was arrested for Money Laundering. Police had stopped our client in his vehicle and found £100,000 in cash. He was released with no further action taken.

R v W   

Sarah represented a client at the police station who had been arrested for Murder after a fatal stabbing in the North London area. No further action was taken.

R v S
Sarah represented a client at the police station who was arrested for a gang-related Murder.  No further action was taken.

R v U
Sarah represented a client at the police station who had been accused of orchestrating an international Kidnap. After a lengthy interview the detainee was released with no further action being taken.


  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers' Association
  • Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer