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Production of Controlled Drugs

For the last 3 decades our Criminal Defence Lawyers have successfully represented individuals accused of the Production of Drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy. Armed with a detailed knowledge of RIPA 2002 and Search and Seizure laws, we will do all we can to terminate the prosecution at its inception. Our Criminal Defence Lawyers energetic, dynamic and eager to deliver creative solutions for the best possible outcome. 

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers have significant experience of classification of drugs and have tactical understanding of how to defend our clients in these cases. We appreciate the allegations may involve others who you may or may not trust. Others who may have a leading role compared to you or a lesser role; but others who will also be doing anything they can to avoid a long stint in prison.

How we defend

Preparing against the possibility of someone you know giving evidence against you, or defending themselves in a way which causes detriment to your case is an extremely important role for your Criminal Defence Lawyers. Whilst it is essential that the prosecution evidence is methodically analysed, that illegally obtained evidence is contested and drug valuations or mobile phone cell site evidence is thoroughly challenged; it is also fundamental to prepare you for the day you may be called to give evidence yourself.

Cases often make or break on the back of two issues. The first is exceptional lawyering which empowers knowledgeable Criminal Defence Lawyers to make legal arguments about the evidence or the Charges and the second is your ability to give evidence credibly in the witness box. Our Criminal Defence lawyers will guide you through the entire, case, they will discuss the important strengths and weakness of the prosecution case with you and ensure you are familiar with the prosecution case. They will prepare you to give evidence to maximise your chances of persuading the jury of your innocence. Simultaneously, we will be looking for legal defects to challenge the lawfulness of the prosecution continuing at all.

pharmacist holding drugs and notepaper at controlled drugs counter

Production of Drugs is covered under section 4 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It carries a maximum penalty for class A production of life in imprisonment, for class B and class C it is 14 years in custody. Clearly, being charged under this offence involves a serious risk of imprisonment. 

'Production' is defined to mean production by manufacture, Cultivation or any other method. It may also be 'production' if one form of the drug is converted into another form of the same type of drug. Therefore, you can be facing a Production of Drugs charge for converting cocaine hydrochloride into free base cocaine 'crack'. 

Assets & Confiscation

Should you be charged for Production of Drugs and have savings or valuable assets, the prosecution will seek to Restrain your assets pending the conclusion of the criminal trial. Here, our Fraud Solicitors will assist to obtain proper funding for your living and legal expenses.  They have rightfully the reputation of “leaving no stone unturned” in the defence of the client.

If there are financial confiscation orders in place after a conviction, our Fraud Solicitors have vast experience of challenging the 'benefit' figure and have successfully challenged various assumptions in Confiscation Proceedings.

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