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With more than 40 acquittals in Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter cases, our Criminal Solicitors have immense expertise in this field with documented success in a catalogue of cases which can be found at the Murder-Cases section of the website.

We are proud of the vigour, the dedication and pro-active defence representation we invest in Conspiracy to Murder Cases. We settle for nothing less than the best and we do not take any chances or leave any room for complaint defending cases in which the likely sentence of imprisonment is around 30 years.

Define Murder in a nutshell

Murder is the most serious offence in English law, 'where one person, of sound mind, unlawfully kills another with the intention to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm’.

The law distinguishes between Murder and Manslaughter depending on how ‘culpable’ or blameworthy the person is deemed to be, his intention at the time of the killing and whether he raises a defence. The most common defences to Murder are self-defence, loss of control (previously known as provocation) and diminished responsibility.

So, what is Conspiracy To Murder ?

To prove Conspiracy to Murder, the prosecution must show that those accused were acting together, in an express or implied or assumed ‘agreement’. They must also show, with direct or circumstantial evidence, the intention to Murder or intention to cause really serious injury.

Our Criminal Solicitors have more than 30 years' experience dealing with complex Conspiracy to Murder and Manslaughter cases. We appreciate clients facing these offences need a dedicated team, and the most experienced legal minds working on their case; a team you can trust and depend upon. We also appreciate the effect of such proceedings on family members and loved ones and the need for them to understand proceedings and to be kept up to date on your case as it progresses.

Murder scene police putting up yellow crime scene tape

Our recent successful Murder cases

We have secured acquittals in allegations of Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Joint Enterprise Murder and Manslaughter allegations. In fact, our Criminal Solicitors have secured the acquittals of several people indicted for Murder and Conspiracy to Murder on the same indictment and examples of these acquittals are listed here:

Owing to the size, expertise and reputation of the firm, our Criminal Solicitors have access to the best QCs, Barristers and forensic analysts who will work together to secure the best possible outcome for you. Since most Murder allegations feature telephone and covert surveillance evidence, we are closely linked to masters of cell-site evidence and can call upon their talent to enhance the defence. We will gather witness statements on your behalf and tirelessly search for and present evidence which can win the case for us.

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