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Client Testimonials

Drew - London

I wanted to express my gratitude to Gabriel and Stuart Miller Solicitors respectively. Firstly I would like to thank Majad Habib for taking the case what seems like a lifetime ago now! 10 months ago being re-arrested and meeting yourselves for the first time I didn't realise the significance of the case against me and therefore the possible consequences. The many conferences we have had at your offices have always comforted me; however it's your process and out of hours support which has assisted me the most both in preparation and emotionally. There were times of discomfort for example listening to the audio which you personally took into your own hands knowing it was an issue for me. Also our legal aid problems! Being able to contact you at any time out of office hours was critical for me mentally as being in this position for the first time, your mind runs wild with scenarios somewhat unrealistic. As I said to my parents, regardless of the outcome I couldn't have asked for a better all round team including juniors for both parties. Again this is all down to the process and exceeding expectations of emotional support. Thanks again!

Declan – London

Thank you very much for the information and help you gave me. You have been brilliant. D and myself really appreciated your help, advice, understanding, diligence and thorough professionalism.


Thank you for everything you have done for me over the past few years, i appreciate it a lot. You have made me realise that their is more to life than committing crime so thanks a lot.


I would just like to take this opportunity to send you an email to thank Sarah King for the work she did for my brother. My brother was arrested and remanded at Pentonville Prison for two weeks, which caused the family great concern and distress as he unfortunately suffers with paranoid schizophrenia. When I contacted your firm and found out that the case had been assigned to Sarah, it was a relief to myself and the family that Sarah was proactive, understanding and took a real interest in ensuring that justice was done for him. Sarah at times went above and beyond to assist in his case and was from the start eager (even at weekends and late evenings) to assist even when I presume she had a heavy workload. She was excellent and efficient and thankfully bail was granted and my brother is now back at home and getting on with his life. I feel she is a real asset to your company and I am sure she will go very far in her career.


This is an email to express my gratitude and appreciation in having Amjid Javaid represent me on false allegations of harassment claims made against me. Amjid was very professional, honest and articulate individual with an excellent grasp and knowledge of the legal procedures. Having not met him before I was slightly apprehensive as to whether my interests would be protected by any Solicitor (not just Amjid) but I need not have worried. At a time of increased stress and emotion, I felt secure in knowing that I have a very capable representative sitting next to me in a voluntary interview to protect my interests and allow the truth to come through. Seldom, do I feel the need to express gratitude or offer praise for individuals but when faced with a situation that could have a profound detrimental affect on the future, this praise is merited. I do hope that this young man forms part of the long term vision of Stuart Miller Solicitors as he is a true asset in protecting the interests of innocent members of the public and no doubt the pressure tactics applied by the Metropolitan Police.

Ben Dorman

I want to say thank you to everyone at Stuart Miller Solicitors for getting the very best outcome for my situation. I couldn't recommend your company highly enough. The service i received from the outset has been of the highest possible quality and every person involved has been impressive. I cannot thank you guys enough. If anyone i know requires services offered by your company, I will recommend you guys without any hesitation at all.


My son had to attend a hearing at Hendon Magistrates Court last week and was accompanied by myself and represented by the Duty Solicitor, Mr Abu Kibla. I asked for your details as I wish to express our great appreciation of his professionalism and expertise. He was thorough, courteous, showed an excellent and rapid grasp of the key facts in a complex case and communicated extremely well with both ourselves and with the CPS lawyer and the presiding magistrate. Thanks to his representations we were able to get bail conditions completely lifted and the opportunity for a third party to speak before the magistrate. I do not believe that either of these would have been possible without his excellent representation. As I do some legal work myself I have encountered other Duty Solicitors and it is rare to find someone so able, committed and hardworking as Mr Kibla - I witnessed him working non-stop from 9am into the afternoon without a single break helping various clients and I saw one other individual also emerge very pleased after his capable representation. I believe he is a real asset to your firm and, as this kind of work is often thankless, I wanted to make the effort to write to you to inform you of what a very good job he did. As a result of his work we will now be shifting our business to your firm and recommending Stuart Miller Solicitors to others.


I still can't believe I had to go through all that and that the whole experience sadly is something that I know will never leave me. But I wanted to thank you for being supportive and helpful through the whole event and taking the time to speak to my parents, which they really needed.

Catie - America

I'm writing to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for your employee Gabriel Milton whom I recently worked with. From the first moment I spoke to Gabriel he was courteous and I felt a sense of urgency for my case and real concern for the outcome. One of the greatest things he provided me was with trust. I knew that no matter how my case turned out, Gabriel was putting 110% forward for me. I know that he worked incredibly hard on my case as I received emails at 11pm on Saturday nights and he came in during his day off to meet with me and prepare for the case because it was one of the few days that I was available. A little over a week ago my trial came to fruition and though I had mentally prepared myself for anything being possible, I'm writing this email to you now from the comfort of my own home back in America. Because of Gabriel, I am reunited with my husband, I didn't lose my job, I got to return home and move on with my life.

Lawrence - London

My Partner and I consider ourselves to have been fortunate to have the benefit of Miss Maryam's excellent services. Miss Maryam went the extra mile for us, doing excellent research and keeping us well informed. Thankfully, we have been acquitted and we cannot too highly praise Miss Maryam's kindness and professionalism. We wish to express our appreciation to your firm in securing a happy outcome for us.

Haq - Crawley

Two years after my release from prison, i am writing to express gratitude for the hard-work and genuine care your Fraud team invested in my case. I realise how fortunate i was when I hear of my co-defendants still being in prison now.

Ali - East London

Despite the horrifying ordeal of being prosecuted, the service and support I received from Stuart Miller Solicitors is unparalleled. I am well acquainted with the legal field but the Fraud Solicitors dealing with my case were truly exceptional.


At a difficult time with an event I had never experienced, the service and advice I received from Stuart Miller Solicitors was excellent, empathetic and caring. I was very happy with their services provided. All their staff were efficient and helpful at all times. I will definitely recommend them to others.


“Thank you very much for all your support and hard work during the period of my ILR application.”


“I attended my Oath Ceremony today and am officially a British Citizen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in the matter.”


“I just want to say thank you so much... I appreciate your good work and I will recommend you to anyone. See you in UK.”


“With regard to immigration you have given me excellent advice. Thank you for your patience with myself and the complexities that were involved. I received excellent customer-service and value for money and I am very happy to recommend you to others.”

Roberto - London

I want you to know how pleased I am with your outstanding assistance you have given me. I couldn't let your service end without telling you how much I have enjoyed your confident consulting. For around 4 months you have faithfully delivered top quality services. It's a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. I would like to compliment your Director, Mr Habib, for helping me in getting my case dropped, on helping me to achieve the retrieval of my passport, on such short notice, to travel to Paris for an important and crucial event. I have appreciated the friendly business relationship I have had with your company. Thank you

Zeeshan – East London

Miss Mughal was very professional and thorough when helping advise on my wife's visa application after it had been rejected the first time round. She was well informed off all the different options available to me for re-application or appeal and took the time to talk me through the rules, procedures and jargon. Miss Mughal also provided a detailed cover letter to our 2nd application stating that the reason for rejection was unjustified as all required documentation had been provided and she could see no point under current rules and law on why the application had been rejected. On re-application and with the support of Miss Mughal's letter and continued hard work, the application was accepted within 4 weeks whereas the usual time takes between 6-12 weeks

Gary - London

Thank God for Stuart Miller, God Bless you all.

Singh - London

I was very pleased with the excellent service I received and would certainly be using your firm again should I ever find myself in trouble with law.

Ifti - Crawley

You guys literally saved my life. If I was convicted and lost my security licence, I would have been jobless and homeless. I shall remain indebted to you forever.

Mr Anthony Berry QC – (Head of 9 Bedford Row Chambers)

Over many years Stuart Miller Solicitors have built up a formidable reputation. They now cover a range of specialties and have a successful in house Chambers, including Matt Lefteris, a seasoned and highly effective advocate. Stuart Miller Solicitors' Director, Majad Habib, is determined, forward looking and extremely hard working. In consequence, this firm will flourish however competitive the legal landscape.

Szabo - London

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and being kind to me.

Mark - Hoxton

Everything about Stuart Miller Solicitors is excellent. Keep it up.